Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by raidragon, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. raidragon

    raidragon Well-Known Member

    Since there's thread about noob Vigoss...i don't see why we shouldn't have thread about THE BEST DOTA PLAYER IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GosuGamers DotA | Replay: LGD.sGty vs EHOME


    720CS/50 MIN.......is there any of those europeans noob can do this?????
  2. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

  3. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

  4. Fuckster

    Fuckster Banned

    inb4 jackfrog
  5. CasioFX

    CasioFX Well-Known Member

    comparing zsmj to vigoss is like comparing lebron james or kobe bryant to michael jordan.
  6. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

    I lol-ed.

    Also u cant compare a hardcore farmer to a hardcore ganker.
  7. teng)

    teng) Well-Known Member

    you >>>>> chuck norris
  8. mwdiver9

    mwdiver9 Well-Known Member

    This. Vigoss is gonna dive bomb your ass from like lvl 4 onwards and try tou gank you into submission. Zsmj is gonna sit in lane and farm till he dies of old age and decides to try to win the game.
  9. leMONQUakE

    leMONQUakE Well-Known Member

    ^ :rofl:
  10. aegis

    aegis Well-Known Member

    Most awesome guy I‘ve ever seen
  11. Yurnero

    Yurnero Well-Known Member

    Afk rice farmer npnp
  12. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    I can bottle-bot farm 1000cs in 1hour game with Tinker.

    Teleport to lane, use march, rearm, use another march, bottle, bot to base, rearm, repeat

    Iz I pro naw?
  13. ostoya

    ostoya Well-Known Member

    lol ur comparing zsmj to vigoss?

    why dont u compare lebron james to lionel messi ?
    who is better ?

    or michael schumacher and nadal ?
  14. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

  15. raidragon

    raidragon Well-Known Member

    Which one gonna win in that match???Vigoss with his pitiful item or ZSMJ with 2 divine rapier which he farmed in less than 5 min??? go watch the replay and compare them plz???

    any proof????even if it's against pub...it's fine( ZSMJ play against ehome..one of the best chinese team)...show me where you got 1000cs under 60 min
  16. ostoya

    ostoya Well-Known Member

    Lol so dont let him to farm that....

    if u gank him properly he wont farm anything...
  17. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

  18. Prongs13

    Prongs13 Well-Known Member

    a vigoss wont let zsjm farm that much...comprehende ?
  19. raidragon

    raidragon Well-Known Member

    LOL...all of u make me laughXD...that EHOME team know they couldn't let ZSMJ farm...but he did it anyway......they have ES and BM which is pretty good ganker...but ZSMJ just better than all of them....actually his cs is almost the same with the whole home team cs combined

    All of you noob pubbers, how about just stfu and try to play one game against one top tier chinese team and compare it with top tier europe team????you'll realize the europe team is just a bit better than your average league player..while the chinese is God...especially if you see medusa with linken, manta, butter in 30 min....
  20. Yurnero

    Yurnero Well-Known Member

    Well, how can you farm when you're dead, for the 17th time, and you're scared to leave your base, even though vigoss' qop is visibly at bot or something, but it's probably an illusion with the best last hit/deny ever.
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