Zeus Arc Lightning 4 VS Static field 4

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by tonysniper, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. tonysniper

    tonysniper Well-Known Member

    Prior to level 11, which one is better for small/medium skirmishes? Assuming you take one point of each skill by level 3.

    Level 4 Arc light has 140 damage, which is roughly 280 damage every 4 seconds, along with 350 damage every 5(?) seconds...but then there is static field's 11% current HP as damage for each cast.
  2. aestropher

    aestropher Well-Known Member

    Maxed Static gives 6% more current HP in damage while maxed Arc gives 60. Therefore the breakeven point is 1k current HP considering Arc casts only.

    Bolt has 3x the effective cd of Arc, so in theory the benefit of maxed Static does trigger 33% more often than that of maxed Arc; it helps a bit but diminishes as enemy HP gets lower during the course of a fight.

    So, if your enemies are at around 1k HP, which is usually the case pre-level 11, go for max Arc.
  3. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Or feline friend here has given us a very good explaniation, however I want to add that while this might lead you to think that maxing arc is the ebst desition all the time, what our friend here is trying to point out is that the choice between those skills depends on the nature of the enemies you are facing. For example if the enemy has plenty of tanky heroes such has Treant, Jak, Batrider, Centa, Ogre Magi, etc. Then you should max Field, in the other hand if you face glass cannon heroes such has Sniper, Bone, CM you want to max Arc instead. Also take in to consideration heroes that fill those conditions but have skills that will make you rethink your choice, for example LS, Rubick, Void, Xin who will lead you to think Field or Arc are good choices but they have skills who provide them magic resistance in a %, or in a raw number (or magic inmunity) thus forcing you to take a different approach.
  4. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    Most of the time, you'll be blasting things with less than 1k HP. Maybe they started out above 1k, but they don't get to stay at full HP and for most of the fight they're likely to be below 1k. Remember that this is at level 11. Hopefully you don't have to contend with Hearts or Satanics or Skadis buffing everyone's health this early.
  5. hamerhead33

    hamerhead33 Active Member

    I usually max the static aura first because the difference in damage between level 1 and level 4 Arc is only 60 damage. Since levels in Arc don't lower the CD, you just spam out the level 1 arc the entire fight. Zeus does his best early by spamming Arc until his opponent is low enough to burst down with Bolt/Ult.
  6. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    Can you guess what the difference between level 1 and level 4 Static Field is early/mid? What you're paying for when you level Arc is guaranteed damage + bounces.
  7. jawbreaker261

    jawbreaker261 Well-Known Member

    Generally I would max field first unless the other team is full of glass cannons or you have a CM/Kotl etc to feed you mana.
  8. No_Worries

    No_Worries Well-Known Member

    You should be maxing Arc over Static every time. Don't let Juice argue that "static hits invis fields in fog" as a reason to not take the obviously better skill that let's Zeus farm better, kill better, participate better, and just be better over a passive percentage based scale that with simple "maths" as already pointed out doesn't work so well when targets are under 1000 health which is most often.
  9. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    And a lot more mana. You're better off saving some mana for lightning bolt since bursting down a single target way faster is 99% of the time way more important.

    Static field max purely for mana conservation, once you start getting a respectful amount of mana regen and mana pool, thats when arc lightning starts getting good.
  10. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    Level 4 Arc costs 15 more than level 1. It's a non-issue.
  11. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    It's mana consumption is almost twice higher than what a SR gives you, for instance.
  12. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    If you're for some reason spamming it nonstop, even when there's no fight, you're going to regret the extra investment. My advice is to use the spell only when you have a reason to.
  13. bob000

    bob000 Well-Known Member

    The breakeven is 2k max hp. No one will have that much before you hit level 14.

    KEJO_NACHO Well-Known Member

    On my personal experience, I prefer leaving arc lvl 1 and maxing the rest first.

    The damage difference on 1k- heroes isnt that much, but the increased mana cost on the spell i use to last hit/harass on laning phase just bothers me too much.

    lvl 1,12,13,14 - arc
    lvl 2,8,9,10 - static
    lvl 3,4,5,7 Bolt
    (ult whenever possible)
  15. No_Worries

    No_Worries Well-Known Member

    +5 mana per level on a hero who typically makes some combination of Euls, Force, Arcanes, possibly Veil, whoof. Guess we shouldn't take extra points into Chilling Touch, Shurikean Toss, Lightning Bolt, Black Hole, Land Mines, Blade Fury, Omnislash, Dual breath...

    Yeah... no there's no point in the extra statics. Stats would be more beneficial if you're really opposed to taking Arc for some reason; might give you an extra Bolt you never know
  16. JDF8

    JDF8 Well-Known Member

    People talk like Zeus is some juggernaut that runs out of mana 10 seconds into a fight rofl. Static field won't even proc on most arcs, arc being 3/4 of your casting. Lvl 4 arc is an absurd amount of damage on a 2s cd, like an aoe arcane bolt in the midgame.

    Static field is great late, because people will have tons of hp after your ult and initial bolt. It sucks midgame because it does jack shit for your single target burst and sustained dps.
  17. KuroNeko

    KuroNeko Moderator

    Max arc lightning is better because you can last hit creeps with it, jungle with it, last hit heroes with it, and overall it gives you greater AoE presence. Static field is geared toward late game.

    Please remember that static field max and arc at lvl 1 was "the build" BECAUSE arc bounced 5/7/9/11, had 2 sec cd, dealt 130 dmg at lvl 3, and COULD NOT BOUNCE if an arc was currently already bouncing around (ironically this is the same bug plaguing dota2 maelstrom).

    Since then, it has gone from
    2 sec cd --> 1.75 sec cd
    5/7/9/11 --> 5/7/9/15 jumps
    85/100/115/130 --> 85/100/115/145 dmg
    can't bounce if bouncing --> fixed, CAN bounce while bouncing
    700 cast range --> 850 cast range

    TL;DR: arc lightning buffed on all fronts, meanwhile static field still remains a static entity

    Don't get me wrong, static field is still a good skill. It's just meant for later on, like dispersion. If static field had all of its buffs reverted it would definitely be the superior option.

    I do not recommend maxing static field before arc in any scenario, even vs 5 beefy strength heroes. Be sure to do 4-4-1 as the serious payoff comes at level 4
  18. jokinen

    jokinen Well-Known Member

    U take the second point in arc at lvl 8. That is at the time when lanes have pretty much fallen apart so it doesn't affect ur laning at all.
  19. Trew

    Trew Well-Known Member

    if you're playing mid, your general skill build should be QWQWWRW
  20. Kypkalorian

    Kypkalorian Well-Known Member

    I hate it when skill builds are described like this