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    Guide to yurnero (REVISED)

    Introduction And some words about the hero​

    Yurnero is one of the most fun heroes to play in the game.His skills synergies really well making him an unstoppable DPS early to mid game. Yurnero is also an awesome lane controller along with a support taking some really handy early kills with his blade fury.
    Late game his ultimate dominates but he also needs items to be more effective.Items are not a big problem considering his early game success.

    Let me show you the modern playstyle of the yurnero in this guide. He has fast become my favorite hero in the world of dota and dota2.

    Hope you enjoy the reading!

    NOTE: This guide does not aim to teach new players how to own with this hero. This guide is dedicated to more experienced player with some years experience that want to have fun and win their games.

    For infos about this hero general press HERE (Skills - Attributes - etc)

    Pros and Cons of this hero

    [+] Excellent early game
    [+] Great laner along with a support
    [+] Big DPS early to mid(Blade furi and Omnislash)
    [+] Fun Hero to play
    [+] One of the best if not the best aoe heal in the game
    [+] Good starting moving speed - Attack animation
    [+] Critical strike with high success of procing

    [-] Farm dependable later
    [-] Fragile early/Not a REAL escape mekansm
    [-] Needs a good lane partner to utilize his early game DPS
    [-] Can be out-carried by other late game carries
    [-] You are either gonna fail or dominate with him
    [-] Low mana early game

    So i heard you want to play Yurnero.. Are you SURE?
    Play yurnero if:

    [>] You can hold your aggressiveness
    [>] You can farm(I mean it..)
    [>] Have a lane partner preferably disabler to support you
    [>] Want to have some fun ^_^
    [>] Feel Ninja

    Don't play yurnero if:

    [<] You cant farm at least 3 creeps per minute(5 preferably)
    [<] You dont understand where to stop
    [<] You are a skill spammer
    [<] You dont know how to adapt in every game

    Overall I would say Yurnero is a Semi-Carry/Ganker.

    Alt Tab Guide


    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]And So on..


    Starting Items:
    [[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] ]

    Against Extreme Harass

    Early Game Items(3-10 Min):
    (Buy them with the order shown preferably)

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]~~~~> [​IMG][​IMG]

    Special Mention:


    Mid Game Items(10-25 Min):


    Now You have to decide:

    Getting harassed always low hp?

    Enemies Tanks or with big life? Then [​IMG]

    Enemies Crappy Supports/Low life? [​IMG]

    Too much int/mana going around? [​IMG]

    Late Game Items:


    Playing Style in words:

    Farm and kill early game with your lane partner.Get soul ring always to use your heal and all you skills early game. Don't spam your ultimate if not sure kill. Mid game gank and push the lanes with your healing ward. If you go for HotD as orb buy it before your radiance. Radiance is CORE!(if you want to know why see the complete guide). Never miss team fights. Always Carry a teleport scroll with you so you can farm over-pushed lanes and then blade fury and tp out!Late game focus on killing supports so you can build one or more luxuries. When you have you strong items push the lanes.

    In Depth Guide

    Skill Build-> Well there isn't just one skill build at no hero so does yurnero can be played in different ways. I will present you the most famous skill builds for yurnero and I'm gonna try to explain them too.

    Skill Build Num - 1 The Staying on lane Skill build.

    LvL 1 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 2 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 3 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 4 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 5 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 6 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 7 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 8 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 9 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 10 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 11 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 12 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 13 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 14 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 15 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 16 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 17+ -> [​IMG]

    Thoughts Behind This Skill Build~>

    This Skill build will give you the maximum power of your early game nuke(Blade Fury) and also a level in stats thus some more mana. The healing ward is taken at level 4 so you can spam it with your soul ring. This will allow you to push the lane - survive in fights - regen after fights - farm neutrals

    Skill Build Num - 2 The extreme pushing Skill build.
    LvL 1 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 2 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 3 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 4 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 5 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 6 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 7 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 8 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 9 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 10 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 11 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 12 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 13 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 14 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 15 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 16 -> [​IMG]
    LvL 17+ -> [​IMG]

    Thoughts Behind This Skill Build~>

    In some rare cases especially in cm mode, your team needs you for your awesome healing aoe spell for mass pushes from the start. This item build will provide you the max of your heal and some really nice mana early on. A level of blade fury is taken at level 9 to use it as an escape and evade mekansm along with a TP.
    Benefits of this skill build: Pushing like a boss - never go to fountain -team-player. Recommended for a team that wants to end the game as fast as possible.

    Of course as I mentioned there are other item builds than the two above but the most popular are these.

    Now that you know what abilities to skill you have to go with the flow of the game. By that I mean choosing the correct items and play-style will lead you to the victory.

    Early Game Tips and Advices:

    Your starting items have to be items that will help in your
    a) Survivability
    Starting of by 3 GG braches is always a solid way to build your hero.Then you have to consider then enemies. Do they have a ton of range heroes?Do i have a good lane mate? If the lane is hard(getting harassed) then a stout shield is the way to go.If you have a great partner in the lane then you will have to maximize your farm, thus quelling blade will help you a ton at last hitting and creep equilibrium. A salve and some tangos are always handy too.


    Your playstyle early game should be aggressive at the correct times. By that i mean dont go no brainer blade fury GTFO FTW :p in 2 alone, you will end up not killing anyone and getting killed. Focus on the farm and kill when you and your lane mate is ready to use full force on the weaker enemy.

    Look here for example I will use one of LFk's replays playing yurnero(replay in the end)
    We see Here Yurnero with a dazzle are laning against a Shadow Demon and a Witch Doctor. Their lane is pretty solid.

    Yurnero understands he has to take them from behind and surprise them so he hides in trees/fog

    At the correct time he goes out of fog and gets disrupted by shadow demon. Witch doctor is far away thus he cant escape now..

    Without getting any problems he uses blade fury after witch doctor

    And witch doctor dies helpless...

    Thats a good example of how your kills should be early game.

    Rather than that focus on last hitting.

    If you lane is pushed and they are hanging behind their tower taking last hits, in order to maximize your farm, creep pull.

    You can also farm neutrals with your healing ward(easy spammable with soul ring.)

    At the end of Early game approximately around 10 min you should have your soul ring (that's gonna help you farm with blade fury - farm neutrals with healing ward - escape teamfights - heal your teamates in teamfights - use your ultimate with no mana problems).You should also have your phase boots(Really good item for last hitting - chasing - ganking and synergies with blade fury just remember to blade fury first then activate phase!)

    Mid Game

    Here is when you should have enough damage to take down everyone in one on one fight we both physical hits but Blade Fury and Omnislash too..

    Your core item build is:

    And yes guys this is the new shit for yurnero.Let me explain you why.. The damage is awesome along with the critical strike also the burst damage is the top teamfighting damage in the stage you are buying it.

    If you are still not sure why i include radiance as a core item let me compare it with the old school Battle Fury.

    Battle fury gives you +5 damage and some health and mana regen along with the cleave. Im telling you that health and especially mana regen are useless because of the cheap early soul ring. Battle fury is considered a farming item because of the cleave but in teamfights lets be honest you are not gonna cleave them just beacause you are not gonna find them all in the cleave aoe and they are gonna disable you. Whereas! the radiance burst damage will hit them and will give you huge advantage in teamfights, not to mention the use of burst damage even in farming..

    Overall i dont say battle fury is a bad choice but we are talking about a level of pub that players win the games through teamfighting. In other words if you are playing against low skilled players battle fury may be better.

    HP Boost!

    You have 2 choices here!​

    (Great item early on! Skip it if your farm goes really good for radiance)


    (Less EHP BUT! nice damage and maim effect also gives HP some handy agility, attack speed and moving speed)

    What to buy?!?!?!​

    Start of with stout shield if you are planning to go for vanguard thus a quick radiance. If you are planning on not buying radiance or you consider the consequences of buying a more expensive item earlier buy Sange and Yasha.

    You can choose one of these orbs:

    (My personal favorite goes well with every strategy especially with hard to kill enemies)

    (Great choice against Agility heroes low on Health Points. Annihilate them!)

    (For the annoying nukers and mana depended heroes)

    Things to consider! : Choose your orb before farming radiance! Some orbs is better to be taken before radiance or even REPLACE it!(Considering the enemies)

    Radiance ideal buying time is before 30 min. If you are too late or you haven't farmed good, SKIP IT!

    Play-style mid game:

    Focus more on pushing and ganking than farming but also don't stop farming at all! You are and item dependable hero that gains some gold from pushing and killing but more importantly Farming!

    Gank their supports with your team and proceed in pushing afterwards..

    Try to last hit tower so you can gain more gold.

    Late Game

    Later you should focus on pushing and completing your luxuries
    ([​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] )

    Special Mention/Consider Items:​

    (I wouldn't recommend this but try it on your own risk. Once at core now just a pour option...)

    (I think HotD is the way to go but! If you team consists of a lot melees, its a viable option..)

    (Good option to help your team and debuff your enemies but i think Deso is just enough if you want to debuff your enemies..)

    (Late game blade fury doesn't deal serious damage and you want your to right click so bkb gives you some extra health - damage and the avatar ability that's gonna allow you to hit w/o getting disabled.

    Rejected Items:

    (You dont need Critical! you already have!)

    (Double Ulti is cool! No it's waste of money. Buy Manta instead! :D)

    (I don't like the lateness of this item.Requires lots of farm and you have to push too.. Radi is enough early believe me!)

    Mini Guide to Omnislash!​

    First of all we shall know that there is a possibly for juggernaut to proc extra attacks while using ultimate.

    Let me Start off with these "boring" charts!
    This chart shows the average number of extra attacks during omnislash!

    Note that this chart shows average values. For example for level 1 omnislash without aghanim's with %40 ias speed you will likely do 1 extra slash. But there is a possiblity of no getting any bonus slashes at all.

    Also, Bonus Slashes means An Attack Made by Yurnero have all the properties of a normal attack. Where normal slashes do 150-250 damage.

    If you dont understand the graph it actually says!
    Omilash does a fixed amount of dmg 150-250 x 3-5-8 attacks (lvl 6 11 16) but you can do more attacks with arghanim.
    You can do extra attacks if you have enough attack speed because you are not channeling!
    This means you can orb effect too (desolator!)
    this means you CAN USE ITEMS during omislash!

    Omnislash with Scepter!
    - Gives +2 More attacks at every level.

    Omnislash Facts!
    - Damage type: physical
    - Interrupts channeling skills of the primary target.
    - Each slash deals 150 - 250 damage, with an interval of 0.4 seconds.
    - With enough attack speed, Yurnero can attack with his own attack strength while jumping around, in these attacks Yurnero can place buffs and trigger chance effects.
    - The slashes can't be avoided by evasion. The normal attacks, however, can.
    - You can use items while using Omnislash. (Blink - Shivas - Lothars - TP - etc)
    - AOE 425
    - Cooldown 130-120-110
    - Manacost 200 - 275 - 350

    Best Allies:
    Rhasta and Yurnero combo is very traditional. Shackles and hex just allows you to rape the enemy.

    Orgre's stun and slow along with the buff he has allows you to dominate every lane and make you even fearsome later.

    Slow - disable - mana Regen ENOUGH SAID!

    He Disables - Slows - DPS awesome combo for you
    General every stunner - slower.

    He disables his opponent and nukes him.

    Slow - Armor - Nuke - Deny = Perfect laner

    Worst Enemies:
    This guys can eat you while you blade fury thus disable you.You dont take the damage but by the time he catches you you are dead.

    He is not taking damage by your blade fury and omnislash with his decrepify.

    His toss disrupts your bladefury

    You dont want to be in that circled ultied!

    He makes your useless with his de-mana and ultimate

    Blinkers and Invis heroes.

    Pretty much that's it.. If you play good you don't have to fear Nobody!

    Last Helpful tips:
    Omnislash does a mini-stun in the first slash.
    - Blade Fury makes you invincible to singe targeted spells.
    - When in Blade fury or omnislash you can use items like dagger - teleport scroll etc..
    - Healing ward is movable.
    - Healing ward requires 1 hit to get destroyed
    - Quote from LFK
    Quote By Kawumm

    Thanks to LFk - kawumm - SECXIIKILLA


    Soul ring - HotD - Radiance Build By LFk

    And The 2nd is with traditional battlefury and manta - diffusal - vlads

    Replays HERE
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    hard to use in draft
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    Anyone knows why my pictures in imageshack us doesnt show ?

    Edit: Ok i got it!
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    I tried messing with your script and it seems that this site doesn't support imageshack.

    Try using photobucket.com instead, thats what I have used for my guide
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    Problem fixed All ready for publish thanks!
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    It seems you linked to your pic page and not direct link amirite?
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    New Comment

    Found a typo. When you explain radiance and then why not battlefury, you wrote "Battle fury gives you 5 damage"


    typo: in cons

    no escape mekansm
  9. erednay

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    Your item build is disgusting and battlefury should be listed as a core.


    did you even read the guide or skimmed it? stop acting elitist please

    he makes a good explanation on the core of radiance.
  11. erednay

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    You're a retard and I would crush you like a a cockroach if you got radiance for jug in my games.

    Think of it this way, you jump from phase to radiance with a pitiful 1k hitpoints. Any team with a somewhat viable draft would be able to kill you in a matter of seconds just from rightclicking your dumbass hero.

    There's no point in reading a "hero guide" further than the item and skill build because everything beyond is just a matter of your skill in the game.

    Shut up SECXIIKIlLA and sink back to the obscurity from where you came.
  12. D3xter13

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    Thanks for your feedback! I will fix the mistakes later tonight.

    Battle Fury was a core indeed.



    Oh yeah, sorry. I definitely just rambo into a team of 5 and let them kill me. I definitely do that. And don't even fucking say that you weren't implying this because you were. I'm not Jackfrog.

    I think you are the retard here, thinking that you are super elite and pro by using your high-level grammar and your stupid elitist comments.

    Go back to your inconspicuousness please, PD doesn't need more elitist retards like you.
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    Were you dropped often as a child? DotA is a team game, you're going to HAVE to engage in team fights as soon as you get your radiance, let's just say 20 minutes.

    Not even going into how push/gank oriented the current meta game is but jug is a fragile MELEE carry. How are you going to do any DPS at all with a measly 1k health points? The only heroes that can rush radiance in the current game are weaver and spectre but even then they need a vanguard or hood prior to doing so. The other reason is that they both have spells to keep them alive in a team fight (ww, cloak, ult, etc) whereas jug has nothing.

    So basically you're a retard and I am correct. Thanks for clearing that up.



    There's something called stuns and disables, you should go check it out.

    By 20 minutes Jugg should at least have level 1/2 healing wards, that's what keeps him alive. Use your brain next time please.

    You were implying that jugg will go in randomly to a team of 5 and will get killed. So you added to what you were saying before to make you look pro.

    So, you are the retard and I am correct. Now go back to the barrel you live in and die in it please, thanks.
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    Juggernaut can buy a vanguard is he is having HP problems.

    It's listed and explained.
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    There is little true justification for buying a radiance on Jugg.

    Is your guide for pubs? Because I think rad would be better for Pubs since you can easily farm van/rad in about 20 minutes in a pub game which turns any hero into a wrecking ball. If your answer is no and it's meant for slightly more skilled play, then there is even less justification for rad because Jugg is not a carry nor is he a farming hero. He is used in more push oriented line ups abusing his ward's healing capabilities.
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    your item section is only complete in the alt-tab guide, just mentioning. i dun see why u dont mention SnY :( its a good item on jugger. basically substitute to vang with less ehp but more dps/mobility/utility for a bigger price.

    skillbuilds are also kinda awkward. i myself have shifted to pretty much always max fury, max ward, then max crit (ult every lvl ofc) with mb an occasional lvl of stats at lvl 2. if im going SR or my manaprobs are covered in another way, that is. i dun see why u wouldnt want to max ward if you already sank a point in it.. its not only useful outside of battle, its actually a really goddamn strong tool to turn the tides if used correctly.

    id say getting dominator that early is a bad choice tbh, id only get it if i was to build satanic soon after. lifesteal per se isnt all that hot on jugger imo, sata is a bit different as its wtfbbq lifesteal + HP.

    getting rad before any real HP item leaves you very squishy, id put vang before and mb mention that u can rush rad if youre doing well (or just mention get vang if youre having trouble with hp)

    u might add some good-to-know stuff, mostly mechanics. like:

    global silence and tossing juggernaut will stop bladefury. u can proc orbs when u attack during bladefury. u can use "move" command to just stick to an opponents butt during fury, provided u have vision (actually not sure about the vision part), u can and sometimes should block during bladefury. u wont gain zero collision from phase during bladefury. u can attack targets that arent affected by bladefury during its duration (towers, catapults..) ultimate disables mostly go through bladefury but wont deal dmg (primal roar, polarity....)
    as of lately, u can dmg ethereal units with bladefury, which makes e-blade a decent option lategame sometimes (it also increases sparkle dmg :))

    healing ward moves with 300 ms, and mb AoE (dun actually know it, sry :/)

    u wont crit during phase.

    go look for the chart where u can see how many extrahits you gain from omnislash. general explanation of how omnislash works would also be nice.

    all the criticism aside, good work - radi is indeed a great item on jugger imo.

    shh: spotlight guides get betakeys :)
  19. D3xter13

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    Thanks for the tips on my guide i will add them later tonight!
  20. D3xter13

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    Guide updated!