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  1. Roger Black

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    the only anime i watched that tackles social issue is Rainbow...but it was set on post ww2, not now...its either the anime producers are hesitant because real life issues doesnt bring in that much audience or there are some sort of cultural barrier that prevents them from talking about it

    of course there was NANA with its pre-marital pregnancy, ano hana with its hikikomori and myself; yourself with its incestuous relationship but they did not focus on the social issue but rather on the relationship btw ppl
  2. CynthiaCrescent

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    It is rather easy to understand how the social issue is standing and "out of reach" most of the time. Not to mention with the advent of corporate media reign over animes, it is going to be hard before I can truly enjoy one that has the following
    *Lead yuri couple
    *Definitely more than undertone
    *Grown up
    *Has a part where it describes the meaningful relationship
    *(some) fanservice would be nice <-pervert

    If only..

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Yo guys, it seemed I missed some interesting discussions... Nah, it can't be helped, my comp-chan has been taken away from my reach and now I can only use the internet in the internet cafe :((

    I'm into yuri romance rather than explicit PLOT. It is too cute to bear anyway. And it seems Mr. Foxxie-sama also into Kyouko x Sayaka too :brofist:

    On a side note, I dislike H but I don't mind some Yuri H. However, non-H Yuri is still my fav (well, fav can be fap anyway :3
  4. Roger Black

    Roger Black Well-Known Member

    +1...but i want the whole anime about their relationship, not only a part
  5. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Oh by all means yes, but you seem to misunderstand my point.
    I said a part DESCRIBING it, doesn't mean it's not supposed to be ABOUT it. It was simply meant to put more plot than just simple romance.
  6. Roger Black

    Roger Black Well-Known Member

    ^yeah...like suddenly a dude likes one of the FC but he doesnt know she's in a relationship with another girl...DRAMA~~~

    or better...another girl likes one of the FC...o damn~
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    O dayum.
  8. CynthiaCrescent

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    E hem
    I would like to take a break from all this seriousness (and impending drama) to announce
    Bunny suit day!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do not say I did no warn about the NSFW-ness though
  9. Roger Black

    Roger Black Well-Known Member

    n1 posting epic pics while we are in a srs discussion

    gg wp
  10. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Discussion killer at his best.
  11. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Because I need a reason to triple post
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    What the frick Traxex's looking at me as if she's gonna rip my balls off or something.
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    This seems like the thread has been derived all discussions
    Y we no discuss :<
  14. Foede

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    Um guys, instead of complaining why no one discusses anything here, why not try to generate discussions yourselves or something... ( ._.)

    In fact, let's do that! Let's discuss why we don't discuss. Do you think yuri as a genre is that shallow that there's nothing worth discussing?
  15. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    It's not exactly shallow (migh be if we judge the number of yuri-related works), but it is also hard to actually get into since:
    *Straight girls: no yuri
    *Lesbians: <-small number
    *Straight guys: have enough heterosexual animes to imagine themselves in
    *Gay guys: no yuri
    *Bi: well mostly choose like straight guys due to it being the "safe" route

    As you can see, only a small portion of the straight guys and/or bisexuals and lesbians watches yuri, and on this part of the forum there's what, one lesbian? People would still want to watch conventional shows regardless. Not to mention how the yurism is almost always too subtle to generate fan base. If it's not subtle then it's probably not famous enough.
    As far as I know, I'm the only guy here that would focus on NOTHING other than yuri. It's a daunting task, but that's just me.
  16. Foede

    Foede Forum Manager

    I'm not sure the audience thing works like that. I mean, I'm not gay, but I still love some yuri every now and then, and have enjoyed a few homosexual related movies, like Milk for example.

    If I'm allowed to be quite honest here, I would go and say that there's not much to discuss here, because there's not enough material to discuss about.

    I imagine that if someone created a thread here about Seinen anime/mangas or Shounen, people would talk, because there are lots of shows to talk about within that particular genre. The same if you go with Horror, Slice of life, or just Comedy or Action.

    Bottom line, I'm not sure the sexual orientation of the main romance is enough to make it qualify as a full fledged genre.
  17. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty you just said exactly what I did. Unless you horribly misunderstood me somehow

    There are a lot of materials to discuss about. Yes, it is not quite the same with the main streams, sub stream or even yaoi (cough) but there are quite a few. The problem is though, taken from the people here, those are not famous enough to grasp a central audience because they are:
    *Unconventional: We all know how main stream works
    *Taboo in certain evironment/societies because it tackles an extremely senstitive topics
    *General lack of audience (as I have pointed out already)

    The mass media itself is the problem, not the genre.
  18. Mr. Foxxie

    Mr. Foxxie Well-Known Member

    Let's be honest and just say that instead of discussing, many people just fap till their balls shrink.

    On the one hand, yuri isn't all about h-materials and all that, but MOST of it is. And no matter how hard you try to insist that it isn't just because MOST of it is, it won't help much. Some people will understand, but let's face it, most people will just view it as fapping material.

    And how often do you see people having a long and engaging discussion about fapping material?
  19. Foede

    Foede Forum Manager

    I wish I would... ( ._.)

    EDIT: Oh wait, I think we did, at the Hentai thread o.o
  20. Sonic

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    Ehh, what's next, Yaoi?