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    [halfway done]Somalia
    [halfway done]Sudan

    DEAD SEA, Jordan — US Senator John McCain raised the prospect Sunday of possible armed intervention to protect civilians in Syria where a crackdown on pro-democracy protests has killed more than 3,000 people.

    "Now that military operations in Libya are ending, there will be renewed focus on what practical military operations might be considered to protect civilian lives in Syria," McCain told a World Economic Forum meeting in Jordan.

    McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's "regime should not consider that it can get away with mass murder.

    Libya's ousted leader Moamer Kadhafi, who was captured and killed on Thursday, "made that mistake and it cost him everything," he said.

    "There are even growing calls among the opposition for some foreign military intervention. We hear these pleas for assistance. We are listening to and engaging with the (opposition) National Council," he added.

    The United Nations has said more than 3,000 people, including 187 children, have been killed in a fierce crackdown on dissent since mid-March.

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    AFP: McCain raises prospect of military option in Syria
    (Google News; AFP)

    They're gonna liberate the shit out of you[​IMG]


    fuck non goyims
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    also , very interesting video that guy knew what was coming .
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    You amuse me.
    you really think that usa can handle the weight of war against Syria?

    it was all provoked, why? let's see:
    the best way to bring down Syria is to end it internally, that is why there is so much funding to those "rebels" in here, weapons are coming from everywhere, and don't bother to say where are the customs, the borders of Syria are very large, you can't stop every smuggler who wants to smuggle, not if they are getting aid from certain governments.

    as far as why i don't think this is over:







    i'm sure you never saw this on the news, this shit has been all over syria, over 13 million people got their asses up and went down to the street to march in support to the president, ALL OVER SYRIA, and btw i support him, but i am too lazy to go down and march, that should give you an insight on why the system won't fall down any time soon.

    in the end, there will be more than enough time for the repairs to take place, fact is, all the "peaceful protesters" are doing is delaying those repairs.

    3000 Peaceful protesters dead? i wonder who killed the 1000 military soliders? i'm sure they slipped over a banana, but again, you wouldn't hear about that in the news, i wonder why.
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    I honestly don't care what you do down there neither who is USA fighting now, I'm just pointing out what they are doing and their propaganda and lies

    I don't like convincing people with my conspiracy theories, I just read and predict some shit and just watch how things unfold

    Its amusing too that they used their previous card again which is
    some minority is oppressed and we must intervene therefore we must invade or baby jesus will cry

    Haha good luck syria I hope they won't win this time

    I enjoy reading thru the lies and the propaganda and the difference of what is really happening hope you could keep me updated

    I just remembered

    keep the blacks out, I don't know where they would get their "rebels" now
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    I don't think you saw this in Libya





    Do you think 13 million people will still go on the streets when shit is going to hit the fan ?

    Gadhafi had its own supporters , and alot of them . But they couldnt fight with their bare hands against armed rebels (by the US,EU) and against missiles ,rockets etc .
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    Don't worry, this shit can never hit the fan, we already have many anti air missles scattered around the Syrian borders, let them bring their precious planes in, we'll see how many will get out.

    as far as 13 million, you're right, there won't be 13 million, if usa decides to step in, there will be 20 million not 13.

    and we have so much guns, you would shit your pants, I an 18 y old man who never served in the army, know how to dissemble an ak-47, re-assemble it, and kill with it.

    we can disable israel for good, we can wipe it off like a piece of scum.

    ofc we don't want to do that, since so many innocent people would be hurt.

    in Syria we don't hate the jews, we hate Israel, the most monstrous government on earth.

    time will tell dear friends, time will tell.

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    Sorry I don't get it, what is the point of invading Syria?
  8. StudyMan

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    Eliminating all threat to israel, who wants land, bringing to this thread the invation of lebanon, the invasion of golan, and ofc, the invation of palestine that is happening as we speak, just the other day, 2000 colonies have been ordered to happen.
  9. OrNy

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    Uninstalling a ''dictator'' .

    Of course , USA will use the same tactic like in Libya , Iraq and Afganistan .

    They will throw accusations at Bashar al-Assad , make him look bad in front of the world and then strike with the help of his own people .

    Military Power of Syria :

    Active Military: 304,000 [2011]
    Active Reserve: 450,500 [2011]


    Total Land Weapons: 25,406
    Tanks: 4,950 [2011]
    APCs / IFVs: 6,610 [2011]
    Towed Artillery: 2,160 [2011]
    SPGs: 486 [2011]
    MLRSs: 1,200 [2011]
    Mortars: 1,510 [2011]
    AT Weapons: 8,490 [2011]
    AA Weapons: 3,310 [2011]
    Logistical Vehicles: 8,000


    Total Aircraft: 830 [2011]
    Helicopters: 208 [2011]
    Serviceable Airports: 104 [2011]


    Total Navy Ships: 19
    Merchant Marine Strength: 41 [2011]
    Major Ports & Terminals: 3
    Aircraft Carriers: 0 [2011]
    Destroyers: 0 [2011]
    Submarines: 0 [2011]
    Frigates: 2 [2011]
    Patrol Craft: 10 [2011]
    Mine Warfare Craft: 4 [2011]
    Amphibious Assault Craft: 3 [2011]

    Doesn't matter how many syrians will protect Bashar al-Assad . If USA actually invades Syria ( USA never deployed troops in Libya , the people did the work ) the outcome will be something like when Columbus discovered the Americas . Europeans exterminated the Mayans , Aztecs , Incas etc , because they had advanced technology . Of course , those civilizations were destroyed by natural events and diseases , but the Europeans are the main reason they are no more .

    Mayans , Aztecs , Incas = Syria
    USA = Europe
  10. DmLucifer

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    StudyMan, where do you take your figures and info in general? Your "Oh, so truthful" media ?
  11. StudyMan

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    We don't need to protect Bashar Al Assad, we only need to help him protect Syria, in case you didn't notice, one man can't do all the work.
    he needs us by his side, and we will be there.

    btw the national council is anything but national, and it doesn't represent me or anyone i know in Syria. there has been many polls on facebook, not one of them showed more than 10 people saying that it represents them.

    @dm lucifer, you know i don't trust my media anymore than you do.
  12. DmLucifer

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    Then where ?
  13. Banned

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    stromfront lol
  14. StudyMan

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    My connections.
    it's not hard to verify if the army is killing innocent protesters in homs if you know someone in homs, you can just call and ask.

    my nephew showed me videos of the innocent protesters under his house, they were all armed, hell i saw a 14 y old carrying an RPG, video was taken by his phone's camera.

    trustful source enough for you?

  15. TwoHourMotel

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    ^That's hearsay, not a trustworthy source because its your word vs his.
  16. OrNy

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    StudyMan get over it , your country can't do shit if USA puts an eye on you guys . You said that the only way your country can be defeated it's by being destroyed by the inside , well that's what USA is best at . Destroying a country with its own people .

    With that attitude you will probably get killed for nothing , always prepare for the worse .

    Be happy that USA is not seraching you guys for weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

  17. Roger Black

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    is it just me or is USA being dumb to actually be in further war rather than taking care of its economy??
  18. BiH-Kira

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    The USA has only morons who's combined IQ is lower than their shoe size leading the country.
    What do you expect from such a nation? A nation born from war and knowing nothing but war will always be in war.

    I just hope someone smart enough will finally bring democracy to the USA, so that their "democracy" can finally end.
  19. TwoHourMotel

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    You must be a complete fucking idiot if you actually think the USA is run by idiots. If it was a dumb country it wouldn't be the power house country it is, setting the world standard when it comes to medicine, science, military and societal standards.

    It pretty much was the best (and in most areas still is) example of a first world country.
  20. DmLucifer

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    Libya was an incredibly cheap war. Bombing, bombing and bombing. Also the Americans weren't the main players, that was Britain and France.