Your year beast Records?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Syuuu, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. WorstInFinLand

    WorstInFinLand Well-Known Member

    around 600m iirc.
  2. dippiiduu

    dippiiduu Well-Known Member

    14m with pl, naix, wl, luna, venge
  3. ZeRaL

    ZeRaL New Member

    ursa: 2x mjollnir 1xbfly
    dazzle: scepter
    troll: ac,medallion
    BM: desolator 2
    slardar: 650x fire
  4. Andreanna

    Andreanna Member

    Not sure why everyone used WK when ursa was bugged, got to 890m with ursa, warlock, chen, undying, and slardar
  5. sharkpeid

    sharkpeid Well-Known Member

    1 mil without hacks/exploits.
    only reached there once cause i found some good team mates.
  6. smellslikeDOOOM

    smellslikeDOOOM Well-Known Member

    60 million using visage bug. I was busy so I didn't have much time to play more =(
  7. PunKZ

    PunKZ Well-Known Member

    A few hours ago 11,8 million.
    Jugger, Chen, Dazzle, Troll and Alch.
  8. mego950

    mego950 Well-Known Member

    Not really sure, I remember it was 50+ million.

    I did just get the genuine courier added to my inventory though, so I must've done something right.
  9. Meat_Knight

    Meat_Knight Well-Known Member

    200mil with Visage bug

    ~8mil first game I played with no-one using bugs. Slardaar is pretty good for running away and for DPS.
  10. RumpledMunky

    RumpledMunky Well-Known Member

    6.11 mil but no courier so the cut off must be somewhere in the 6-6.5 range.
  11. Unfawkable

    Unfawkable Well-Known Member

    106 million with Ursa bug.
  12. zergisop

    zergisop Well-Known Member

    I'm reading all these posts and threads on reddit and some here about "I GOT A RED/JADE HOOF COURIER WITH X SCORE"...

    It's so awesome to participate in a flawed event with the opportunities to obtain these SPECIAL PIXELS that would be converted into some wonderful Steam dollars *sarcasm

    Oh well back to farming more gold in Hearthstone...!
  13. Ex_Venomancer

    Ex_Venomancer Well-Known Member

    5 million.
    Troll Warlord at it's best.

    7.5 million or probabaly near 8 when I had ursa and visage.
  14. ttpoizn

    ttpoizn Banned

    What was the Visage bug?

    ---------- Post added at 10:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:55 PM ----------

    I think this is the most jealous post I've ever seen.
  15. zergisop

    zergisop Well-Known Member

    So jelly indeed
  16. D41V30N

    D41V30N Well-Known Member

    Somewhere around 25-30 mil with Visage bug.
  17. iSnooz

    iSnooz Well-Known Member

    i wan ursa and wk plox
  18. dippiiduu

    dippiiduu Well-Known Member

    Got that genuine courier, so 14m is above 10%?
  19. JPLab

    JPLab Well-Known Member

    What's the vissage bug? And is it fixed atm?
  20. BloodPact

    BloodPact Well-Known Member