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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Satire, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Satire

    Satire Well-Known Member

    Hellooooo! The other day I was looking at some videos around playdota and found really good names of famous players like:

    Satire :rofl:
    etc... (etc is not a name... tard..)

    You got any other cool names you want to share?

    Well, let's see... people commonly use this a words as nicks:

    Geeez!!! You got no other things in mind than just Buttfuck Anal Porn or whatever?!?! etc... tards... <--- Tards...
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  2. MyZahir

    MyZahir Well-Known Member

    Etc seems like a good candidate
  3. Nihat

    Nihat Member

  4. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    etc is not a name... tard..
  5. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    You want famous players or video makers?

    Players wise look in the competitive DotA section. Teams like MYM, and are pretty beast right now.

    Movie makers, Blurpi is the best np
  6. Satire

    Satire Well-Known Member

    BLURPI OWNSSSS and by the way, Etc is not a name... tard...
  7. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    The best I saw was 2girls1pudge
  8. Ghuy

    Ghuy Well-Known Member


    EDIT: thank you Zesty don't know you admire me so much :D
  9. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

  10. MyZahir

    MyZahir Well-Known Member

    i have a friend who has etc as a name. I guess he's a retard for the rest of his life thanks to you :rofl:
  11. CvP

    CvP Forum Manager

    Demonic Trashcan is a cool nick :p

    not to mention the other gay.
  12. kaizerharvey

    kaizerharvey Well-Known Member

    try Evil Creature
  13. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

  14. DLG|Master

    DLG|Master Well-Known Member

    Yes, ToG --> The Other Gay
  15. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    Seriously, what name is better than: "N00BKILLER12345"???

    And lol @ failing to see sarcasm with "etc"... tard...
  16. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    fish_market on garena.Best name!
  17. ImmolatusBurn

    ImmolatusBurn Well-Known Member

    Epic win name.
  18. Zicco

    Zicco Well-Known Member

    best ive seen are N'aix On A Plane and JesusHadAn Aegis
  19. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    DemonicTrashcan,NOOBKILLER1234 and Anub'arak Obama are the coolest names.