Your Dark Seer item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Mystique-, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    Standard build (for me at least):
    1 Stout, 2 trees, 1 potion pot, 1 GG branch (jungle build)
    Boots , Bottle
    Orchid <=> Vanguard ??

    Shivas or Linkens, Guinsoo , (Bloodstone?)

    I've recently been getting Orchid on DS. It provides a great intelligence and mana-regen boost; the damage-amplifying silence , additional attack speed and bonus damage are also nothing to scoff at. It's also great to build piece by piece on DS, as DS can reap all the benefits(especially the bonus intelligence and mana regeneration) little by little. I'm just not too sure if I'm getting the price's worth of benefits as Orchid in whole is ridiculously expensive (5025 gold).

    Also, I'm not sure if it would be smarter to complete orchid first and then vanguard, or vanguard and then orchid. Nevertheless, I find vanguard a crucial item on DS most of time; DS needs that damage block and HP for tanking :p. The regen is also awesome :D

    I find BoT unnecessary on DS as he can surge himself like all the time anyways. So I usually just stick to regular boots for the whole game. ( back in the day when treads provided +16 intelligence had made treads perfect for DS :D)

    What's your DS item-build?
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  2. Shadow-Seeker

    Shadow-Seeker Well-Known Member

    Re: Your DS item build?

    Mek, Pipe, or Vlads. Anything that the team needs. DS doesnt really need many items.
    Core would be something like Boots, Bracers, Bottle/Wand.
  3. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    Re: Your DS item build?

    Yeah, I find pipe a situational item on DS. Only if enemy team has lots of nukers. And why vlads and/or Mek on DS? o_O
  4. Shadow-Seeker

    Shadow-Seeker Well-Known Member

    Re: Your DS item build?

    Sorry i didn't explain it well. What i meant was Mek, Vlads, Pipe depending on the situation. If there's other supports which naturally gets Mek (eg. Lich) then theres no need. You could aim for Guinsoo or Shiva's but you wouldn't be farming much in a proper game so cheaper support items seems like a better choice imo.
  5. jacksp

    jacksp Well-Known Member

    you could always jungle when not participating in team pushes, and no one is going to begrudge you for farming for an additional hex which will always come in handy.
  6. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    RoB +Void Stone + Pipe + Magic Wand
    Any boot is fine, but i'd favour BoT.
    Make that Voidstone a Guinsoo's, and you're set.
  7. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Start off with stout + consumables when jungling
    I go vanguard/pipe radiance BoT as a fun pub build
  8. IronFrost

    IronFrost Well-Known Member

  9. mxt

    mxt Well-Known Member

    pres -> vanguard + euls
    pipe bot guinsso in the most practical order to follow it up, which depends on how the game goes
  10. ikerry-ftw

    ikerry-ftw Member

    A situational vg, pipe boots wand is like his core. You need some mana too so a guinsoo would be pretty nice if you could farm it. Also for pubs, radi+bloodstone works wonders.
  11. Anub'arak Obama

    Anub'arak Obama Well-Known Member

    Radiance is a horrible item on DS.

    It's a mediocre item overall only used on heavy tanks (so there is incentive to target the tank), and for if you're base is being rushed by creeps (and you're about to lose) and you need something to deal with creeps.

    And select heroes like Bloodseeker.
  12. ikerry-ftw

    ikerry-ftw Member

    See what I wrote? Pubs. They will run with fear when they see you coming with sparkles+shell at 522 ms with at least point+boots on like 25 min..
  13. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    stout+consumes if u are jungling. Core: Boots+mek. Pipe if many aoe casters. Lux: Sheep/BoT. basically get anything team needs
  14. CedeoCedeo

    CedeoCedeo Well-Known Member

    You need to play DS aggressive imo, always initiate, so you shouldn't be fragile, which would come with the choice between pipe/vanguard, after that a dagger against very mobile heroes and shivas if the game tends to end early.

    Core is always bottle normal boots and 2 bracers
  15. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    Anybody have any comments on the viability of orchid on DS?
  16. sketh

    sketh Active Member

    Shivas Refresher.

    Honestly, there is nothing more game breaking then double wall.
  17. SirDumpling

    SirDumpling Well-Known Member

    same for me.
    euls is always fun
  18. The Performer

    The Performer Well-Known Member

    Honestly, there is nothing more game breaking then a team who can see three copies of his enemies.
  19. Xerifot

    Xerifot Well-Known Member

    I haven't played dark seer much but I usually jungle with Stouts, 1x Clarity Pot and rest of my gold on tango. I usually keep jungling till i get a bottle and a boot and leave jungle when i see an easy kill in a near lane (Not like top lane when in sent jungle) then i usually go for a Vanguard so I'll be less squishy then a phase to walk through creeps with surge on and i rush a mystic staff to be turned into a Shiva or a hex later on depending on what your team wants. After i get a Shiva or a hex, you can aim for a heart. And yes this is possible, just push a lot on all three lanes and you'll see gold flooding in. And make sure you carry TP scrolls so you can tp to towers to defend and push if they've pushed too far.

    I follow the build from this guide: Darkseer - DotA Guides

    But I've only read till the part where it says core then i made my own build after that.
  20. 3.2_Sky_Dive

    3.2_Sky_Dive Well-Known Member

    darkseer can buff your team immense in teamfights and he has to
    a.) stay alive to do so--> some tanking (vanguard and sometimes hood/pipe)
    b.) have the mana to use all spells at cd in fight (you need all of them as often as possible) --> euls is great if you farm fast you can try sheepstick
    my build is RoB, and vanguard early, power treads (int is imortant) and you can go for sth like this for luxury:
    radiance for aoe, with powertreads you deal some dmg, and radiance+surge :)
    shivas for aoe and mana, no problem anymore
    euls (not really luxury/mandatory if not rushing radiance)
    heart for tanking (run in and out and reg, made for you)

    he can do almost everything so orchid is an option too, but normally you should prefer euls/shivas.