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Discussion in 'Anime & Manga Discussion' started by Ingolf, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Ingolf

    Ingolf Well-Known Member

    Are there any thoughts about anime you want to share but you can't fit anywhere else? Share it here with us.

    FYI, I think I'm watching way too my animes at once right now but there are so many new ones starting during summer and spring that I can't help myself. I also have to finish shows like Gintama, School Rumble, Lucky Star and School Days so I've got enough to watch.
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  2. JTuyor

    JTuyor Well-Known Member

    now that you mention school rumble...

    i can't seem to find season 3...i wonder why?
  3. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    Why is watching too many animes a problem for you?
  4. PsychViruz

    PsychViruz Well-Known Member

    Same here...I'm watching 12 animes half for ongoing and half for finished..

    A mixture of suspense, violence, ,romance, action, comedy and parody

    makes my day depending on the mood..
  5. Ingolf

    Ingolf Well-Known Member

    Because I was away for a week and I had to catch up with so much. It's a little tough to keep track on ^^. It's not a problem in a bad way but it feels kind of stressing.
  6. Ingolf

    Ingolf Well-Known Member

    Another thought:

    I first started watching anime by more or less a coincidence (story doesn't matter). Now I'm not only a big fan of it, but I've also become very interested in Japan and Japanese culture because of it. For example I really want to go to Tokyo and experience what Japan is like for myself.
  7. hotSnow

    hotSnow Well-Known Member

    ^same for me.

    I felt that I want to go to Japan right now coz of the anime ambience. I wonder if it's the same mood as some animes though.
  8. MrNeutral

    MrNeutral Member

    Currently recently finished toaru majutsu no index which i found pretty good action was a little lacking as the series went on so just waiting till all of season 2 comes out then going for the usual anime rush
  9. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    Have you watched To Aru Kagaku No Railgun?
    It's a sidestory that has Misaka as the main character but takes place in the exact same city, it's pretty decent though it doesn't have a whole lot of action either if that's what you want.
  10. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    My anime thought of the day:

    I'm watching and re-watching some animes and I think I have a queue of 5 animes and so on. I stopped watching some and re-watched an anime. For e.g. I stopped watching Linebarrels of Iron at episode 22, then re-watched ZnT 1, 2, 3. Lol how can anime really satisfy me?

    (i usually watch for the lulz, and not much into drama)
  11. Ingolf

    Ingolf Well-Known Member

    I really want some of my friends to watch good quality anime like Air, Angel Beats! or 5 Centimers Per Second but there are no ways in the world that they would watch anything else than Bleach or Claymore type of shows. The friends I have that watch some anime think that Afro Samurai is the most epic show ever and they think I'm stupid when I try to convince them to watch Code Geass or Clannad. It's really annoying.
  12. MSD.Tenshi

    MSD.Tenshi Well-Known Member

    Currently, I watch nothing else but K-On!!.

    I want to watch something else, and since there are a lot out there (including these), I'm not sure where to start, and yet I'm quite reluctant to try when given a recommendation, because I don't want to waste time watching an anime that either fails or is not for my taste. Sigh. :mellow:
  13. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    umm i have a classmate which i think is an otaku cause he boasts about himself watching over 300 seasons and that he watches more anime than me, kinda annoying but is true since he went to japan to buy games of clannad, idolmaster etc.

    i usually watch those long-running animes like Naruto and mostly 12-26 episode animes which are the most good of i have ever seen
  14. willalwaybenoob

    willalwaybenoob Well-Known Member

    Hm...I guess that if an anime doesn't have interesting characters. Such as the main character must be those kind of funny type, and I have a thing for loli-ish characters.

    Current thought: I love blonde characters.
  15. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    Current thought: I like tsundere type characters
  16. hotSnow

    hotSnow Well-Known Member

    Current: I like boobs; but not G size lol, thats like wtf? D is ok.
  17. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    This one is blonde AND tsundere!




    Ayame is teh love... :wub:

    Anyone else here who've watched & enjoyed Asu No Yoichi btw?
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  18. PussyMoneyWeed

    PussyMoneyWeed Well-Known Member

    I just started death note today. This shit is crazy write a name and they die. I can use this item in dota. :p
  19. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    You are stressed out over watching anime?

    Something went wrong somewhere.
  20. Ingolf

    Ingolf Well-Known Member

    She is so sugoi