Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by MeePwn, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    Dota 2

    it also includes the Q&A btw!!
  2. crapoo16

    crapoo16 Well-Known Member

    hooray for subscription to icefrogs blog :p surprised not more people have hopped on this

    and i'm surprised a pricing quote wasn't included in the Q&A, although I'm sure he was spammed with that email - even though it's too early to tell.
  3. Varuka

    Varuka Well-Known Member

    LOL, I actually checked DotA2.com a while back and one of my questions for the Q&A was, "I've noticed Dota2.com isn't taken, is playdota.com going to be the website for DotA2, or should I register that now?"
  4. Twilice

    Twilice Well-Known Member

  5. stealthfire

    stealthfire Well-Known Member

    in b4 free to play with buyable heroes.

    srsly though, this is one of the two games i would call day one purchases in the next year.

    the Q&A stuff looks exciting as well, you can see direct jabs at the important questions blizzard short-sightedly did not address like resume support, resolving lag issues(if you live in NZ and play on SEA, you know what I mean), and region lock.
  6. Twilice

    Twilice Well-Known Member

    Yeah, seems like every game that I want to play will get released at the same time. Will I play dota2, diablo3 or starcraft 2? Maybe I won't play at all!
  7. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    wut? never!!
  8. Zieth

    Zieth Well-Known Member


    (pls no caplock remove)
  9. ParaDise.-

    ParaDise.- Well-Known Member

    I like the part of continue working in DotA when DA2 is release
  10. Sykik

    Sykik Well-Known Member

    Fucking ace. !!
  11. JLa15

    JLa15 Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Hope I can help test things out. DotA 2 is going to be just plain freaking awesome.
  12. stealthfire

    stealthfire Well-Known Member

    from l4d's developer commentary though, we know that valve is one of the best developers when it comes to understanding the importance of suitable graphics in gameplay. Based on this I think we can rest assured that it will have the least 'messy' graphics of all dota clones.
  13. galuf

    galuf Well-Known Member

    it will be out year time and there will be a beta signup in the future 6 months, i really look forward that beta stuff ^^.

    1 year = max 2 waves of new heroes imo on the w3 engine. Potentially just one regarding to 6.70 date wich can be in december like in january like in february.
  14. Naroblas

    Naroblas Banned

    They even manage to beat hon at reconnecting tools....

  15. kitchen

    kitchen Well-Known Member

    Haha, that's pretty cool, if you're a player who for whatever reason hates the laning phase, just join a game that's already pretty far in.
  16. stealthfire

    stealthfire Well-Known Member

    ^ HoN's true hook right now is the 'Dream' hero creator. at least that's the way i see it. With these two titans having a throwdown over DotA right now, that's the only thing stopping them being swept away.
  17. china_white

    china_white Well-Known Member

    ahhh can't wait to play it

    so excite!!
  18. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    Admiral, it's a FAP! :rofl:

    No, seriously, fucking awesome! I can't wait till it's released. Though I gotta say, no buyable heroes. It's gay. And also, no "Valve" time please. Give the community a real release date.
  19. Zicco

    Zicco Well-Known Member

    the only thing im worried about is that this might make leavers think leaving is ok...... like "ILL JUST LEAVE BC SOMEONE COULD TAKE MY PLACE" or "I CAN LEAVE BC BLAH BLAH BLAH" i hope they come up with a way to punish leavers. punish them hard. unless u sub in someone directly like a friend or something.
  20. Keenz.

    Keenz. Well-Known Member

    YEAAAH. :thumbsup:
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