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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by SlamBam, Oct 21, 2011.

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  3. _Rinnegan_

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    serius ?
  4. Twilice

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    Sounds legit.

    You play warcraft, then you defend some kind of ancient.
  5. DoomSlayers

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    Why not? If it makes the game more enjoyable, there's nothing wrong with it...
  6. Dota2Panda

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    Blizzard is plastering DOTA all over their games.
  7. DoomSlayers

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    If it's a popular mod, why not add it? Got a problem with that?
  8. Dota2Panda

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    Nope. It's just fun to see Blizzard FINALLY taking note of Dota after all these years.
  9. DoomSlayers

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    Your point?

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say to be honest.

    Is it because Icefrog and Blizzard?
  10. Dota2Panda

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    DotA has been a popular custom map for Warcraft 3 for over half a decade yet Blizzard never made a stand-alone / hired IceFrog / created a Dota map.

    They only made a move when Valve announced Dota 2.

    It's long overdue.

    Overcompensating by adding Dota modes in 3 separate Blizzard titles.
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  11. DoomSlayers

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    Which game did Blizzard release after Wc3 FT? WoW only (bash it all you want, it's the most successful game ever... from a business point of view). Their next game (other than WoW) was Sc2. They had the intention of making a custom map ala DotA. You could blame them for taking forever to make a game...

    Beside, Blizzard was already supporting DotA in its own way. They released a few patches to help DotA out... as well as increasing map size. When the custom maps were dangerous (virus), DotA had access to information and had time to modify&fix the map (correct me if I'm wrong on that point). Blizzard never attempted to obstruct Icefrog's efforts.
  12. wesai

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    Dota2Panda is right, Blizzard is too slow and they took an eternity to do this. I can't wait to try that out along with HotS! :cool:
  13. Domenico

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    Actually, there is a community-created mod of WoW which represents DotA (with existing characters).


    Well, it was matter of time for Blizzard to import the idea. As you know, it's the thing they do best :lol:
  14. Sven2k

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    YAY!!! Being a big blizzard fan, seeing a dota map/arena/battleground is super fucking great news!!!
  15. The Observer

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    Wow, nice, someone should tell him that WoW textures, skins, etc. cannot be extracted and used for other stuff.

    I mean, I was surprised why the grahics of the map looks too good, and I realized it's because he just extracted I think Arathi Basin's map texture.
  16. OrNy

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    valve took icefrog and create dota 2 . blizzard was like: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !! THIS IS WAR BITCH !
  17. Super-sheep

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    If you thought that that was in Warcraft III man you are so dumb.

    Its a modified World of Warcraft client with different models and stuff. The UI of the Warcraft III was just pasted into the video.
  18. Amaranth Angel

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    But isnt Strand of the Ancients bit like dota already?? Well i still support the idea. I like every bg :D
  19. R.U.Sty

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    Theres no need to hire Icefrog if they're aiming for a lot of changes and totally overhauling the content/mechanics. They notice icefrog may not develop DotA anymore so they want to continue the legacy or atleast give someone a platform to become the next euls.
  20. FireEel

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    Prepare to see the Icefrog worshipers hate.