Casual Wodota SF

Discussion in 'DotA Replays' started by NO-LiMiTz, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. NO-LiMiTz

    NO-LiMiTz Well-Known Member

    Hey guys Have a look at my sf I will send the replay to wodota this week hehehe.
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  2. cRyPtWaLk3R

    cRyPtWaLk3R Banned

    poor CS considering you have so few kills :/

    ALSO, do you play on BA? selke rings a bell
    edit: oh yes you do
  3. LeeDy

    LeeDy Well-Known Member

    min/time of your imba moment? :)
  4. NO-LiMiTz

    NO-LiMiTz Well-Known Member

    somewhere within the first 5-10 mins guys! :)
  5. Dalailama

    Dalailama Well-Known Member

    It's at about 7:30 replay time, nice one man, might get 10th-7th place, though I am not sure, just hope not too much people will send replays and you got nice chance.
  6. Blacksnakehp

    Blacksnakehp Well-Known Member

    @crypt 30 min game and around 150cs not bad i guess
  7. R.I.P.REV

    R.I.P.REV Well-Known Member

    cool, nice move, gd luck with wodota
  8. cRyPtWaLk3R

    cRyPtWaLk3R Banned

    -he is SF
    -he had very few kills/assists

    I mean if he had more kills and stuff, I would find it reasonable, but with such few, he really should have more farm
  9. Almayce

    Almayce Well-Known Member

    crypt, just stop nitpicking in everypossible thread, find something optimistic for a change, thanks.
  10. Dalailama

    Dalailama Well-Known Member

    Once again gl
  11. cRyPtWaLk3R

    cRyPtWaLk3R Banned

    almayce, just stop nitpicking in everypossible post, find something optimistic for a change, thanks.

    let me guess your father didn't punch hard enough, my condolences to your family
  12. Kaissar

    Kaissar Well-Known Member

    Geeks are GODS in front of their PC...
    perfect example: cRyPtWaLk3R
    He hates all threads..
    lemme ask you a question: does being a douche at school makes you feel at rage and you release your "Rage" at this forum?

    your join date says August 2011 and your post counts are exceeding mine
    most of your post are all flaming does it feel good to flame?

    edit: I saw your other post/comments.. YOU ARE A CERTIFIED :medtroll:
  13. cRyPtWaLk3R

    cRyPtWaLk3R Banned

    Flaming, since when is saying poor cs flaming?

    You guys are the ones starting the flaming.

    Not my fault if you type 3 words per hour.
  14. Nanahan

    Nanahan Well-Known Member

    You sir, are electric.
    Gl anyway.
  15. EaRoN

    EaRoN New Member

    lol?ur opponent keep said spiky game~it's totally single player game !
  16. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Gj man and gl with getting that scene in
  17. itsmee

    itsmee Well-Known Member

    I hope you get it. Few months ago I had a nice rampage but never made it.
  18. bonusa

    bonusa Well-Known Member

    16:44 [All] CreepingSolo: ,my bf
    16:47 [All] CreepingSolo: is using the comp

    are u gay or pretend to be girl. I think that's pretty cool.
  19. the_new_guy

    the_new_guy Well-Known Member

    u sure did well, but wodota movies already include a lot of pretty similar moments with the same jukeplace.
  20. NO-LiMiTz

    NO-LiMiTz Well-Known Member

    aww gay. Btw i was trolling them LOL. just so they would be quiet ! :)