Wisp + Void

Discussion in 'Others' started by Sanushama, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Sanushama

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    Void`s ULT only allow to void walk/atk in Chrono, BUT my suggestions is, if wisp is thetered with void, basically they are one.

    My suggestion is, Wisp can walk and atck in chrono if she is thetered

  2. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    I don't see the need for this. The tether has enough length for Void and Wisp to be joined without them both needing to be inside the Chronosphere. I also think this might be a little imbalanced (void whaling on the frozen units while wisp pounds them with spirits and any items he has).
  3. Siraraz

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  4. Wrooks

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    I kinda see his point in the hands of a bad void, wisp can be chronoed. but void is already strong because he can chrono towers and the fountain and hes probably the best carry in the game. He doesn't need anymore leverage in a battle.