Wisp + Sven... Need help to counter them....

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ubica_stara, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. ubica_stara

    ubica_stara Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, so yesterday I played a CW against a wisp + sven lane.
    Early game they weren't so dangerous, but later on, they were everywhere on the map, killing our heroes, preventing them from farming and pushing.
    We even pushed together (whole team), but still, we initiate on these 3 heroes, and all of the sudden, sven and wisp are behind us with super high ms & as, high dmg sven (mom, bkb, treads) and they start rapin' every single one of us.
    I've noticed that eventhough they were much more powerful then we were, they had very small pushing power.
    So, I'm asking you guys. How to counter these two guys? (heroes and items)
  2. tdmevil

    tdmevil Well-Known Member

    Burst nuke wisp when/if sven uses bkb (link breaks and they lose tether ms)
  3. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    Force Staff maybe, any heavy nuker, maybe windrunner. Basically how you would counter any wisp.
  4. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Right-click the wisp, it dies.

    Oh and your captain forgot to ban wisp btw.
  5. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Wisp is ban or fp.

    Other than that, heroes with good escape methods can survive the ganks, like QoP. Also, win the ward war versus enemy team and they can't just randomly gank you wherever you are.
  6. Gtrewq

    Gtrewq Well-Known Member

    There's no way to beat them after they turn 6 AFAIK. They will just permagank you as soon as Io's ultimate is off cd (which, thankfully, was nerfed in this version), and are generally a killer duo otherwise.
  7. Ichigo

    Ichigo Well-Known Member

    Wisp is imba.

    To counter SVEN you can always get blademail / ursa / faceless void / naga siren (use mirror image to counter the stun LOL) .
  8. Leadblast

    Leadblast Banned

    Don't suggest ban or pick/repick please. This doesn't counter them in the proper sense.

    I would suggest pick Silencer and pit him against their lane. Harass the hell out of Sven with constant CotS and orbwalk. If you're not successful in shutting down his lane you might still try ulti right before ganks start.
  9. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    1.buy dagon
    2.click on io
  10. Mysteryos

    Mysteryos Well-Known Member

    Ghost scepter to counter sven..

    And yeah, io is really squishy. So focus him when you have the opportunity.
  11. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Sven laughs at CotS as he has Warcry.
  12. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    Phantom Assassin. Farm her up until late game. Grab a Blademail. Go fight Sven + Wisp. Activate Blademail. Win.
  13. DeadAimEXT

    DeadAimEXT Well-Known Member

    gank them and you'll be fine.

    OT, dont be alone
  14. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Sven has BKB and rapes you with your blademail on. You die.

    A carry sven deals more DPS than a carry mortred, but has somewhat lower survivability and much lower mobility. It's just stupid to suggest a hero who can't even 1v1 the sven, much less both of them, nor escape the ganks. And then you suggest an item which is 100% countered by the most commonly used item on sven.
  15. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    A good Phantom Assassin would have BKB too. Countering Sven's stun. It's complicated.

    If PA has the lifesteal from HoD or Satanic and procs that critical. GG.
  16. Leadblast

    Leadblast Banned

    can we say, useless Sven with empty mana pool in a dime? sure Warcry has low manacost, but can't say the same about his other spells, can you.

    also, what about Wisp?

    not to mention Blur evasion, haha.
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  17. nonw0w

    nonw0w Well-Known Member

    a good pair of hands
    a dagguer
  18. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Sven can have that satanic as well. With equally expensive item builds, sven just simply out-DPSes mortred, but that's not even the situation we're discussing. OP was trying to find some way of countering a gank by sven + wisp, and there's no single hero who can turn that fight around and win it. A mortred simply can't kill an equally equipped sven during her 10 seconds of BKB, it is not possible at all. She can at most survive by blinking stuff.

    No, a few crits is just not enough, you'd need an abnormally large number of crits (e.g. be very lucky, but that can just as easily backfire by getting no crits at all) to match sven's damage.

    The problem here being that it may be 2v1. It's better to just suggest some assist from allies.
  19. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    If I have an item that gives +1500 stats for 53g

    And you have an item that gives +1 stats for 53g

    How do you counter me without using my item?

    Simplified form: You can't effectively counter imbalance, that is the defn of imbalance.
  20. Treibjagd

    Treibjagd Well-Known Member

    Whereas Wisp is far from being imbalanced, regardless of how good the combination might sound. His laning abilites are just horrible – low hp, below average range, ridiculous base dmg. A single stun stops him from chasing you, forcing his tethered mate to either stop or break the tether.

    Furthermore Sven is a horrible carry compared to Drow, Sf or Morphling. Those guys won't encounter any problems dealing with Sven in a late game clash, given that they know how to farm and right-click.

    One of those countless "Wisp + X" threads you see around here since 6.68. And again there is no particular counter or answer to OP's question. Just use your brain and teamplay.