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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Judgey, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Judgey

    Judgey Member

    I found without doubt that the single best item on wisp is mek.


    my usual build is just

    arcane boots
    tp scrolls
    vangaurd/linkens/miscellaneous like vlads if team needs

    double heal all the way^^ almost like a rainbow..
  2. LoKi_

    LoKi_ Well-Known Member

    Urn. Period. i dont think meka is needed, because of the long cooldown. arcaneboots is the same, but if your team has 2-3 caster, it might pay of. also, you have paper hp, i rather get some PT.
    my build is urn, wand, pt, guinsoo/heart for late, but not nesessary
  3. Judgey

    Judgey Member

    ooo good idea.. yet to try urn on wisp cuz i hate getting more than on urn per team and my mate usually gets it.. eh ill try it, i still like my meka tho :p
    arcane boots tho yea i agree a bit, you dont need them and could get pt for some hp.. i might try that, but i do love double heal meka and double heal urn will be good too. im so excited ^^

    after i get

    what shoudl the next item be? ive tossed up like heart, linkens, guin and im not sure which is best :( i know its usually adaptive but what would you say the general next item should be?
  4. LoKi_

    LoKi_ Well-Known Member

    guinsoo if you need to counter the enemies carry. heart if your opponents have many nukes. mb you could also get hood if you cant farm up enough gold for heart. both give some regen with tether, so just decide yourself witch fits best to the game situation. wisp is very versitile, you can buy any support items and they still turn out to work.

    also, say your teammates you will buy urn, so they can spare some money on better items, problem solved.
  5. woozie how

    woozie how Well-Known Member

    Dont really need arcane boots. He is not that mana dependant. More dependant on health though.

    Get str treads, meka, bracers, and if you are pro at using armlet, get that also. The 500 health it grants you goes to your tethered ally too.

    Lategame its best to get a heart. Tether an ally and remain a bit away from the team battle so that your heart regen does not get stopped from any damage. The imba regen from heart will make sure your tethered ally does not die.
  6. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    Meka is must.500 hp on an ally,I mean you just totally reversed a level 2 laguna blade with barely 190 mp.

    Arcane boots seem to suck for him anyway.As being said you don't need mp (for now,because next version he is gonna get UBERMEGANERFED,sigh*),unless you want to give 270 mp to your ally!

    Edit: Also,in order to survive to cast a meka in the right time,you'll probably need some good tanking ,like vanguard or massive bracers+urn.

    Question: Does Heart really transfers heal on tethered unit?
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  7. bi11y

    bi11y Well-Known Member

    ^Yes, it does, but it's very situational, since you have to be not at full hp while the heart regen is active for it to work.
  8. TrollWarlord

    TrollWarlord Banned

    Desolater works awesome after Treads.
  9. dkycy

    dkycy New Member

    id go for bottle + crow, PT, Meka, Perse ---> (vanguard ,ginso) if the game isnt over, HoT,.