Why is DotA so hard?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by kat-as-trophy, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. kat-as-trophy

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    I (and most of us newguys) wonder why is it DotA have such unnecessarily high learing curve.

    Why does DotA doesn't have smart cast? And controlling group is such a hard task to do.

    Why does Invoker have too much unnecessary spell? Ane why is it you have to invoke the spell to begin with? I have looked at DotA 1 heroes and heroes like Meepo is just a chore to use.

    Also, why does the legacy key exist in the first place? It's seems just out of place and I can't think of 1 reason why is should. What do you guys think?
  2. QQmorebro

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    Anyway. Learning dota needs patience.. Alot of time to practice
    And oh wait, Jan 2012. Figures.
  3. Skyforger3.0

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  4. jimmyvan

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    do not start with invoker or meepo or chen or any heroes you know is hard to master from just looking at the spells and problem solved.
  5. kat-as-trophy

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  6. sweetjones

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    i am not an expert at dota either man.
    but do you not relish the chance to play with complexity after seeing s2 and riots heroes in their games?
    so you want dota to be a simple piece of shit with no depth or complexity ad thus less available enjoyment?
    this is not conducive to an auspicious game (gameplay wise :p).
  7. balamarbr

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    agree about legacy keys
    anyway, its not that hard, you are just too lazy

    i mean, w3, sc2 and a lot more games require more micro and macro skills and you dont see peaple complaining about it
  8. QQmorebro

    QQmorebro Well-Known Member

    No, only newguys like you complain that invoker is broken/hard/retarded.

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    Because legacy keys we're for the dota1 ppl who gotten used to the wc3 keys.
  9. kat-as-trophy

    kat-as-trophy Well-Known Member

    Yes, that is why he Invoker wins everytime he enters a tournament right?
  10. ZeLover

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    Ya'll posting in a troll thread.
  11. Louie.

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    the community allowed it to happen as well as allowing multi accounting ;)
  12. ZerloX

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    I wish I could punch people through the web.
  13. Mumbo-Jumbo

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    Well, the most DotA-Players are over 13 years old, and get cramps when they try to press their hand over qwer. Having the hotkeys spread a bit is just more comfortable when you have big hands.
  14. balamarbr

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    Because legacy keys we're for the dota1 ppl who gotten used to the wc3 keys.[/QUOTE]
    no, no, HELL NO
    putting skills away from something simple like qwer or zxcv or 1234 is just dumb
    of course, i used legacy keys in dota1 for more than 3 years, you sure can get used to it, but is still makes no sense, even if w3 was like that
  15. StraY_WolF

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    This thread is so stupid I couldn't get out because it dumbed me down.
  16. QQmorebro

    QQmorebro Well-Known Member

    Wanna see a replay where invoker loses in a tournament?
  17. QQmorebro

    QQmorebro Well-Known Member

    But still. Because they put legacy keys is for the people who are USED to it, don't need your opinion nab.
  18. RaidenStorms

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    I didn't know tabbing and using control groups is hard.

    What, you never played an RTS before?
  19. kat-as-trophy

    kat-as-trophy Well-Known Member

    And that is why it's unnecessary. How about those with small hand, they will have a hard time playing DotA because of the legacy key.

    And looking at most things you post, you're not that smart either.
  20. PuneetRJ

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    Actually it's not that hard unless you play LoL.

    Oh wait, you're a LoL player.