Why Garena Sucks

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by scron2, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. scron2

    scron2 Well-Known Member

    Being curious as to what Garena exactly is... I downloaded it and tested it today.

    It took me about 1 hour to really setup and understand how things work.

    Some things that are cool about Garena are that about 250 people can be in a single channel. But this "plus" is quickly taken back when you realize the games you see are only the ones of the room you are in. What's more is that most of these rooms are close to 90-100% full which means you can't join them at all unless you BUY some gold membership in order to join a full room. AND THIS MAKES FINDING GAMES HARD.

    I managed to stroll through many rooms and found a few games (1) in North America and (2) in Europe. The game in a North America channel didn't even fill up. It was 4v4, actually 4v3 with the leaver. I had to wait quite some time to find a host on the same version. Infact many users were on the old patch! @wtf!.

    In the Europe channel game I joined, lag was nearly unnoticed. It truly was like a non-choppy game. This is all garena has going for it as I see it (perhaps all the players were north american I don't know). Sure there was a leaver in my first Europe Room game but hey, what can I expect right? The second game I had went very well and my team was winning when sometime after the sentinel lost its mid the host went -kickafk 1 and left the game causing a full disconnect.

    So when we look at this reasonably: Garena doesn't ban leavers, mhers or custom kickers on their lower level games. Their higher level games claim to do so BUT in order to get into a high-level room you have to be like level 5. Well I played about 3-4 games and advanced not one level. So I was like.... why the fuck would I play in a place where I can't find a game very often and where it doesn't level up very quickly....?

    In comparison, a TDA game sees at least equally skilled players. And I'll mention THR in this as well. In THR people may mh but noone has the ability to custom kick players which is just annoying. Noone can leave the game causing a mass disconnect. Games are found ALL THE TIME, VERY FREQUENTLY ON BNET, east or west.

    As far as I see this Garena could use ONE major improvement: Allowing users to join games by their LOCATION. What do I mean? I mean that if you are in a North American Game Room, that you get to see ALL the games listed in any North American Room and this would be the same for the major geographic locations. The settings to only see games within the room you are in should be a "feature" incase you are trying to set up a private game of some sort.... because all in all you logged in to find a game and play as many as you want... well it isnt' as easy as bnet but at least it runs well, even though people disconnect all over the place in Garena.

    Well that's about it and that's why I think Garena sucks compared to bnet for finding games.
  2. raz44

    raz44 Well-Known Member

    its better than d stupid BOTS in BNET anyway!!
  3. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    finding games in garena hard? zzz. much harder in bnet
  4. koalasex

    koalasex Well-Known Member

    I think you were just really unlucky.
  5. Garena is suck because game always end after first blood.
  6. scron2

    scron2 Well-Known Member

    You have got to be kidding me. That is such a lie. Any game window on any gateway has at least 6 dota games posted at any time.

    But if you are on Garena you have to stroll through like 20 rooms before finding one that has players out of game and ready to host. Not to mention the fact that you have to be a certain level for some rooms.

    Simply put, go to throneit.com, and login and check their available games. There are pretty much always games hosted and you can join from any gateway. You can't argue with the facts. BNET is faster for finding games.
  7. TheAmerican

    TheAmerican Well-Known Member

    Never had problem with finding a game.
    Unfair to compare TDA with Garena Pubs.
    The appeal of Garena is that the lag is less for most people, even when playing with hosts across the world.
    I frequently play in Asian rooms and such.
    And the leveling is to make sure your account is valuable before you enter HLR. Less chance you will mess up games. The whole point is like the icons for TDA. Except not as easy to get in, which is good because they are more exclusive and stuff. Which means you are less likely to have leaverfags on there, who just make a new account and....
  8. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    i play on northrend - i was under the impression throneit.com is only available on american gateways?

    whenever i check the custom games at night, i have a REALLY hard time finding a game that actually fills at some point (read: no hostbot) and preferably uses some sort of delay-reducer, because that tiny thing that garena has going for it is actually pretty damn important to me.

    whenever i join a full (or rather close to it) room in garena at night it may take a while for a game to fill, but its still way faster than looking for a host on bnet and usually it fills quite fast. i play a lot of pubs, cant argue with my experiences.
    however, a wc3 patch got released recently and a lot of garena users are still using the old one, hence their games wont show on the list. this may explain your experience. joining a room isnt that hard, just try a few times, bang youre in. only hard if you try to join a specific room that has 230/225 users or sth. maybe its also region-specific, i can only speak for europe.

    pretty funny that a troll would call me a liar.
  9. Estraz

    Estraz Well-Known Member

    I never have any problems finding game on northrend tbh, even though I'm rather picky in gamemode, latency reducer and even gamename.

    As for garena, for the 250 people in a channel there's sure as hell very little hosting going on. I'm just playing PDGG though, sometimes you have to wait for a game there as the number of people there isn't too massive but once you got a game there will will be another one up right as you finish, and best of all no leaving ;(

    Anyway I haven't played garena pubs a lot, but yeah it's weird how few games are being hosted.

    Oh and I've also played throneit, yes it's US only. Played together with an american, plus I wanted to try out their system. Throneit does lead to full games, so after a not too long time you'll have a game. However, you do usually need to wait for a fair while though. Their gamemodes are shitty. Way too many -em games, so you're gonna have to wait till they get a game up with your fav mode :/
  10. voko

    voko Well-Known Member

    LAN is the best that is of course you if and only if have friends to play with though. That is what I play and lucky of me I have a social life. ^_^
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  11. Darkdays

    Darkdays Well-Known Member

    I detest Garena when I play in a USA room, and 8 out of 10 people in my game are playing from China, and 4 out of 8 disconnect as soon as game starts.

    There's also the, "I have to tunnel my friend a billion times to see his game."

    As for the whether or not it's easier to find DotA game in Garena vs.BNet, you gotta remember, Garena is almost DotA exclusive, but at the same time, only spots 250 people per room. Most likely, 200+ are already in a game, and another 40 are afk.

    Battle.net doesn't have this room limit, which in theory let's you find games much more easily, but it's not DotA exclusive, and people tend to play EM, and as we all know it, just about everyone (except claniraq) in this forum hates EM. So in BNet, you will actually see more DotA games, but, a lot less that you actually want to play (because they are -em)
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  12. JimRaynor55

    JimRaynor55 Well-Known Member

    Garena has some good things about it, such as reducing lag, providing large rooms, and giving you a free and easy banlist. It also has lots of problems too.

    The people are generally too retarded to update the game (i.e. one freaking click on the "Battle.net" button), meaning every time Blizzard releases a patch you won't be playing for the next few days. It's one thing to not realize that a new patch has been released; it's another to KNOWINGLY play an older version of the game. Two days ago I saw someone asking for 1.24c games. Not even 1.24d, but 1.24c. WTF?

    You also have a hard time screening out people who are playing in rooms outside of their geographic area. A game may be hosted in the USA room and get people from Peru, China, Andorra, or Afghanistan. A lot of these people won't speak the language, besides knowing how to bitch the host about the lag. As if playing from a different continent doesn't cause lag...

    A small number of rooms at any given time tend to get overcrowded and filled to capacity. So while there are lots of rooms, you won't be able to join the busy rooms while all the other rooms are too empty.
  13. walkingonsnow

    walkingonsnow Well-Known Member

    The only good thing about Garena is there are no botters there.

    Everything else is crappy. Entering a room without gold membership, HACKERS like every game, retards, leavers, disconnections, bla bla...

    Tunneling is also annoying.
  14. Darkdays

    Darkdays Well-Known Member

  15. goldenzero2

    goldenzero2 Well-Known Member

    For your suggestions you have to think logically, do you think that it's free to have all those servers and to support all those people?

    It's not, not only is the cap there so that a server doesn't overload it's there so that they can make money as well. I think you're unlucky with those games, and also their's a trick to get in the rooms where you just spam click, rather simple and it allows you to get in a full room in 5 mins max. There you'll prob end up finding games no problem.

    Also for the version update people are lazy, that's just people. In asia they are still using 1.22 in some parts and they have 2-3 seconds delay so don't complain.

    Leveling is quite easy, you actually get exp for leaving your account on. You can make a new account and you can end up getting to level 5 if you play a whole day.

    Something that is easier to do in Garena is to play with a friend. That is a good and bad trait of Garena. Becuase it's easier to join the same host you might end up facing a stacked team or a bunch of friends, not to say that they'll always be good but yea.
  16. JimRaynor55

    JimRaynor55 Well-Known Member

    I think you may be talking about the USA High Level Room. That one is meaningless and its level requirement mysteriously ranges from 1 to 10. No one plays in it, and nobody gives a crap about it.

    The Europe High Level Room is the one people talk about. Level requirement for the lowest Europe HLR is 14. And it's...somewhat better than regular pub. The leavers and noobs are fewer in number, but still show up. And I recently discovered how bullshit the ban request requirements are for the HLR. Not only do you have to have a replay, but you need to take a damn screenshot of the moment when the person you're accusing left the game. What a bunch of unnecessary, time wasting crap.

    I hear it gets better as you advance to the higher HLRs, but that comes with higher level requirements as well. It's taken me months just to get to the lowest HLR.
  17. voko

    voko Well-Known Member

    To experience the best of garena, join a clan or guild. Usually clans even though amateur clans organize frequent friendly games against other clans. From there you can be guaranteed that they are not leavers.
  18. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Don't talk shit on GGC because you are low skilled at joining rooms. Also don't expect to find many games on 1.24e for another month or at least until a fix to the bugs that patch brought comes out.
  19. Darkdays

    Darkdays Well-Known Member

    Can you not do that in BNet as well?

    I honestly think that the only advantage of Garena is the ease of finding clan wars as there's a chat box for it.

    There's the PDGG as well, but we all know that doesn't count as it trumps everything
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2010
  20. scron2

    scron2 Well-Known Member

    Ok don't you get it? If joining a room is something beyond common-sense (requiring "skill"), then that in itself is the problem. It's a poor design, that's all I'm saying.
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