Whose and How. Making Money through Dota.

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    I really feels that this is an interesting subject to discuss about. Who is currently making money through Dota? This is some of the answer that I can think of;

    Competitive players/teams:
    Obviously, they receive money through sponsorship by brands like Razer, Gigabyte, etc.

    League/Tournament Organizer/Manager:
    They run Dota events and they also get paid by sponsors of course.

    Yes, they get paid by advertisers and probably donors through their websites and live commentaries. Most of us already recognize who TobiWanKenobi is. You can watch his live shoutcast through some stream tv, youtube and his website. Another place for English commentaries of Dota is dotacommentaries.com. It's quite a nice place to hangout, with some of their commentators like Luminous, Nebu1a and Jack. If you watch their video you will notice there is a slight break of advertising by video game company including Valve and that means they get paid by them.

    Dota Contributer:
    Kunkka, not the hero but the artist/illustrator who create Dota loading screen. There are millions of people playing this game and through his art so many people already recognize his name and being recognize means more business opportunity.

    There are still people who will buy the original copy of WC3 mainly looking to play Dota/WC3 at Battle.Net and there are also many responsible people who appreciate Dota/WC3 classic feels and decided to reject piracy and buy the original copy.

    Icefrog and Valve:
    The genius IceFrog and million dollars gaming company Valve will certainly making hundreds of millions of profits through Dota 2. There are estimated 17 million prospect(that's us), even if half of that buy the game it will be the highest selling game of all time. There is enough talk about Dota 2 in this forum so I will stop here, nuff said for the most anticipating game ever.

    Besides those people I mention above, who else do you think or know are making bucks through Dota?

    How else to make money through Dota? Is there any other way to earn money through this game even if it's the slightest of amount?

    Feel free to share and discuss.
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    Darer client is going to organize huge tournaments with money rewards for the best teams. Also there is going to be a ladder whose winners will also receive money. And even winning pub games (with pro accounts) will give a small amount of cash to the players.

    However, Darer is currently at its beta state, so these are only ideas. I really hope that they will be realized in the near future.
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    They offer host bots and statistics.They get paid providing better services for gold members.