who/where are the norwegian pro players`?

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by F0rshow, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. F0rshow

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    I've been noticing latley that there is alot of pro Swe/denmark players. but where are the pro Norwegian players! this is not good! :p
  2. Mr. Burns

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  3. TheKacho

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    My guess would be Norway
  4. F0rshow

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    now i know where. xD but is there any that plays on a competative lvl?
  5. Fixthemix

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    Fixed it for you.
    I actually laughed. I'm ashamed of myself.
  6. Pondrac

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    Someone give him 3 internets

    Yes, there are.

    Most of them in Norway
  7. Destruction3402

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    ...Playing LoL? :)
  8. Banned

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    The only living one is on prison now

    He raged at the 3rd worlders in his country and killed em all
  9. Boss_Kobra

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    They have been patiently waiting in the shadows for the release of Tuskarr
  10. Mr. Burns

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  11. mxt

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    OP is an obvious patriot

    OT: no only trashcans
  12. Mojoheart

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    The best Norwegian players back in the days 2004-2008 was

    Black Lotus
    Asian Pride

    There are alot more.

    VDG TEAM [Viet Deo Gai] was the best team in Norway but they seem to have dissappered from the scene now. The Norwegian scene is dead cause there aren't any tournaments in Norway. They just dissappered when dota-league shut down. Don't think they come back for Dota 2 though.
  13. Ledinax

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    And the spanish ones?
    Why no one thinks about the spanish ones? :<
  14. jesusatan

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  15. Destruction3402

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    Nothing wrong with cheering for players from your own country! :animier:
  16. mxt

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    I remember playing on dota.no with a friend a couple of years ago. Carrying with WD. Horrible players. XeqtR was good though he quit.

    The "elite" norwegians aren't even close to other countries' pro/semi-pros.

    And I fucked one of those guys sister in the ass. He's butthurt and I got a permban.