Who was the best player at Dota 2 Tournament?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by RazorEdge~, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. RazorEdge~

    RazorEdge~ Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!

    As the title states, who was the best player in the Dota 2 Comp held at Germany in your opinion?

    For me, ArtStyles or LighTofHeaveN did the trick! And even 820 or PLT was too bad either.

    What about you guys? :cool1:
  2. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    puppey 357 artstyle, and that morph player in the mith.trust
  3. sarmala008

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  4. Arkadi

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  5. RazorEdge~

    RazorEdge~ Well-Known Member

    Oops, forgot Puppey. Definately a great player, mostly on Chen and Enigma.
  6. Memeisnotameme

    Memeisnotameme Well-Known Member

    I think it was Puppeh not Puppey or correct me if I'm wrong but my vote goes for him he can really play Chen well with micro-ing skills!

    His best Chen moves I've seen is on Game 4 vs. Ehome
  7. Mr. Burns

    Mr. Burns Well-Known Member

    Misery, Artstyle, Puppey/Dendi .
  8. carakonchar

    carakonchar Well-Known Member

    I like this gays
    1)X [EHOME]
  9. piwitp

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  10. Keenz.

    Keenz. Well-Known Member

    Artstyle, XBOCT, Puppey, PLT/FCB
  11. Deadlyevil

    Deadlyevil Well-Known Member

    X!! Tinker versus M5 and NaVi Artstyle. and where's Artstyle now?
  12. Denki~

    Denki~ Banned

  13. nEr0

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  14. blithe.

    blithe. Well-Known Member

    ArtStyle and Puppeh
  15. SlamBam

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  16. gob123th

    gob123th Active Member

    all player in mith.trust. :D
  17. Tkmi

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  18. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    0-11 mirana julez
  19. Shikari.Kuro

    Shikari.Kuro Well-Known Member

    There are many exceptional players during the International, I can name ArtStyle, XBOCT, Puppeh, FCB, Misery for instance.
    If you just say "best player" (singular form) then I choose ArtStyle. His Viper, Slardar and NS just own hard, seriously. And of course, he effectively added a real teamwork spirit into an all-star Na`Vi. Being the captain of a bunch of godlike players is not easy at all, but he did it.
  20. E02K

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