Who Is The Strongest HEro In Dota?(Give me 2)

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Who has the stronger heroes??

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  1. Unholy Scourge

  2. Holy Sentinels

  1. RedCrimson_66

    RedCrimson_66 Member

    Im just surveying.
    Give 1 for the scourge and 1 for the sentinels
  2. RedCrimson_66

    RedCrimson_66 Member

    My Fave Heroes Are Scourge:Nai'x
  3. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    Depends on alot of things.

    Are you looking for strongest aoe/clash hero ?

    From sentinel, ES propably, from Scourge, Enigma.

    Strongest 1on1/single heroes?

    From sentinel, Naga Siren, PL or Yurnero, depends on situation. From Scourge, propably Broodmother, Doom or Harbinger, depending on situation.
  4. RedCrimson_66

    RedCrimson_66 Member

    whos pl??
  5. TrollWarlord

    TrollWarlord Banned

    Sentinel: Rooftfellen, coz he's the man.

  6. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    ^ pl is Phantom Lancer

    OT: i would say Scourge is Enigma
    but my fav is Skeleton king

    sentinel is umm...
    ES and storm
  7. 13BladesOfChao§

    13BladesOfChao§ Well-Known Member

    Sentinel: No one
    Scourge: Doombringer
  8. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Well-Known Member

    Why didnt anyone said this?
    most strongest hero on senti is URSA WARRIOR
    on scourge is none.... maybe PA(Phantom Assassin)
  9. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    You took the words right out of our mouth ^_^ I'm not gonna disagree
  10. DieSmiling666

    DieSmiling666 Well-Known Member

    Sentinel: ROOFTRELLEN
    Neutral: URSAAAA
    Scourge: LEORIC

    imo scourge heroes more stronger
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  11. TrollWarlord

    TrollWarlord Banned

    Oh shit there's a neutral Tavern.

    Dune Worm.
  12. Agen

    Agen Well-Known Member

    are you kidding?
  13. refrag

    refrag Well-Known Member

    Scourge has more Strenth-heroes, therefore Scourge is stronger.

    But the strongest are definetly Pit Lord and Centaur.
  14. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    Mind to tell us, why he would be kidding? 40% hp's gone, 4 seconds aoe ulti with around 500dmg, 3sec stun, great base dmg, conversions that deal 40dmg each..
  15. Power_Of_Mind

    Power_Of_Mind Member

    Sentinel : Troll

    Neutral : Huskar

    Scourge : Lycenthrope
  16. ^Good trolling.

    OT: Panda is the strongest hero in dota IMO. Nobody can initiate with 0 danger to themselves and continue to cause chaos in a team clash.
  17. Sigmalol

    Sigmalol Well-Known Member

    Posting in epic thread

    oh wait...
  18. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    I agree with what we said here. Dune Worm is by far the most powerful hero in the neutral taverns.
  19. mobus

    mobus Well-Known Member

    I believe roof and cent are the two strongest heroes.... imba str gain per level for roof and cent has his ult. Of course pudge has most potential. Look under the heroes tab next time instead of asking here
  20. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    ^ i think pudge has the potential to have the most STR