Who is the best counter pusher in dota?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Hav3n, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Hav3n

    Hav3n Active Member

    Who is the best counter pusher in dota or "turtler".

    I guess veno is pretty strong if he has time to set up.
  2. Pondrac

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  3. CynthiaCrescent

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    Techies, Venom, Ezalor, Pit Lord (?), Xin with Bfury/Maelstorm, Tinker
    Those are off the top of my head, and not judging them yet
  4. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    a fat medusa would be up there, especially with the recent buff
  5. xRdR

    xRdR Well-Known Member

    Invoker, Dark Seer.

    GASHOLE Well-Known Member

    Also Dirge

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  7. scapygoat123

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  8. realstyla

    realstyla Well-Known Member

    even ES and Veno can counterpush.. and dont forget Dark Seer with his ulti
  9. jsrnn

    jsrnn Well-Known Member

    ES, Dirge, Medusa, WQ Invoker, Tinker, Alchemist, Dark Seer, Venomancer *with a shit ton of wards*, Techies, Ezalor, etc.
  10. Clam

    Clam Well-Known Member

    Techies, Kotl and a fat dusa take the cake imo.
  11. Anaslex

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  12. wazn

    wazn Well-Known Member

    qop wit aghanims ^^
  13. oulay

    oulay Well-Known Member

    OK but who is the best counter to a pusher furion in DotA???
  14. wazn

    wazn Well-Known Member

    meepo with BoTs

    why? cuz you can tp 4 times and poof rapes everything
  15. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    Meepo, Tinker
  16. CrocsBlancs

    CrocsBlancs Well-Known Member

    Meepo, Phoenix, Meepo with BoT 2x Poof and he can farm the wave completely, also phoenix with Spirits+Dive clear a wave of creeps Completely,quickly and also heal allies creeps.
  17. azurile

    azurile Well-Known Member

    thd, macropyre's pretty cheap, so is dual breath, and then there's liquid fire.
  18. Pwntlolz

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  19. Sonic

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  20. HeicPy

    HeicPy Banned

    Techies maybe but hes so have low hp so he can baibesiting carry