Who is mjolnir/maelstrom good on

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by notthatreal, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. notthatreal

    notthatreal New Member

    I can only think of sniper and windrunner. Sniper cuz it gives attack speed for HS and lets him farm better, and WR for ultimate synergy. All the other orbs seem to be a lot better for other heroes.
  2. Pantree

    Pantree Member

    Razor, Storm Spirit, Mirana
  3. Whitefang

    Whitefang Well-Known Member

    Naix maybe? But he should give the electric buff to ally since he have magic immune ability which will cancel the buff.
  4. Thephoniex

    Thephoniex Well-Known Member

    heros with low attack speed but high damage who need AOE presence

    basically- tiny! think about it lighting shield + craggy exterior is tha pwnage!
  5. JerkCo

    JerkCo Well-Known Member

    it's a situational for anyone who wishes to push, and is ranged.
    furion likes it.
    void also likes it ok.
  6. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    Mjolnir is in general a shitty item that you should only situationally get.

    Maelstorm on the other hand is a great fast item that provides 25 AS and 46.5 dmg (half of which is not reduced by armor!) for less than 3k.
  7. Yakchew

    Yakchew Well-Known Member

    I thinking is it ok to let Tide get it? =3=

    btw no mjolir/malestorm on Razor pls.
  8. sargeras66

    sargeras66 Well-Known Member

    Naix, Lycan, Alchemist are the best imo. Please do not get it on Razor.

    Also, Bara with Vanguard + Mjolnir is good. It improves his aoe contribution in a teambattle, but diminishes his 1v1 advantage with MoM.
  9. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    Storm Spirit, Razor, Zeus, Lina, Leshrac. They all have some form of lighting based spells so those items make them look even more awesome. Sorry if I forgot another lighting hero, didnt bother to check them all.
  10. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    sf mirana storm alche

    fun on carry warlock
  11. Lanther

    Lanther Well-Known Member

    On any ranged carry when you have Axe on your team.
  12. Kiido

    Kiido Well-Known Member

    No no no please don't get it on Sniper. Headshot overrides chain lightning upon proc, i.e you lose 40% of your chain lightnings. You'll only get 15% chance chain lightning, rather than the stated 25%. It's a huge waste!
  13. Esper

    Esper Well-Known Member

    It is still enough. (for me)
  14. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    Um, on Juggernaut, it procs off Blade Fury like a baller.

    On Axe it procs off Helix but sucks on him anyways.
  15. leandrotp

    leandrotp Member

    This is wrong. If Headshot and chain lightning would proc on the same attack then only Headshot procs and chain lighting is saved for the next attack (because of PRD).
  16. Kiido

    Kiido Well-Known Member

    [nqb]Each pseudo random skill has its own attack counter, even if multiple skills of the same type are on the same hero. If multiple pseudo random skills proc at the same time but one overrides, both counters are reset nonetheless[/nqb]
    Taken from the Pseudo-random Distribuion mechanics article.
  17. flowra

    flowra Well-Known Member

    Alchemist, Treant, Medusa and Abbadon
  18. gofunkiertti

    gofunkiertti Well-Known Member

    it's worth noting that maelstrom's static charge absolutely rapes teams with a radiance user. If you have an enemy who's clearly rushing radiance then any non orb using ranged dps or any tank can get it and benefit from the raw dps and the hard radiance counter.
  19. phwaxr

    phwaxr Banned

    I think its best on the search function.
  20. Dullahann

    Dullahann Well-Known Member