Who are the Best Junglers?

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  1. Who do you think is the best/most efficient/effective hero to jungle with, whether it be lvl-wise (Speed) or gank potential? Please give reasons to support your opinion.

    I would have to say Enigma. He can wipe out medium creep camps from level one and jungle with amazing speed, provided he has sufficient mana. His ganks on the lane can easily result in double-kills, due to malefice and the high-damage eidelons. I think he is over-all the most effective jungle hero.
  2. Lycan

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    1. AoE Junglers

    2. Summoner Junglers

    3. Passive Junglers

    Fuzzy is faster but also better in a lane

    I'd say these guys

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  3. Xmas.Dasher

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    Naix choke-point jungling is really nice, tho admittedly might fail sometimes depending on the creeps. Not to mention he can take out ancients at lvl 5.
  4. DoomSlayers

    DoomSlayers Well-Known Member

    Lycan works well too
    Enchantress (because she can go gang with the stolen creep)
    Chen (because he can go gang too)
  5. Naix is a good jungler, but I find him to be slightly on the slow side. He takes the creeps down to low hp very quickly, but finishing them off when feast is insignificant takes a bit longer than I like. Still, he's an average jungler IMO.
  6. Jakino

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    Also darkseer can jungle pretty well even from lvl 1
  7. Trip3iro

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    The top jungler is without a doubt enigma, axe is jungles well if you manage to get enogh spins (I feel I have like 5% chance of spining instead of 17% when I play axe lol), lycan can jungle well with the wolfes, chen/enchant due to that skill that enchants creeps, also furion can jungle pretty well with trees.
  8. fuse-_-

    fuse-_- Well-Known Member

    #1: Enigma
    #2: Enchantress
    #3: Chen
    #4: Troll

    You should only jungle with these ones. All other ones are just too slow/better in lane.
  9. Knarfi

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    Dudes, you forgot Bristleback.

    Search Bristleback farming in Youtube and watch the Video. It works, also at6.66b !!!
  10. Spar-

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    I think overall that Enigma is the best jungler.
    His farm is great if you buy a RoB because the mana regen fits perfectly with the manacost of the Eidolons. It does for me anyway.
    He can initiate a gank with the stun and his summons deals surprisingly high damage if you gank someone with a stunner or the ganked one(s) is stupid enough to focus you.

    No. 2 is IMO Lycan.
    His wolves aren't really as effective to jungle with early as the Eidolons are, but they are still pretty decent in terms of ganking.
    If there's anything worse than a Hook or a Arrow coming out of the jungle, it's an angry Lycan lvl 6 with 2 full-hp wolves rushing at you with max ms.

    And No. 3 is Furion. His Treants are fantastic to jungle with, but Furion lacks a bit overall ganking potential. True, he can use Sprout, but if you're farming in forest, wouldn't you prefer to level Teleport so you could return to the fountain for free? If you don't, the enemy should have a Tango or a Woodcutter, that they aquired as soon as they saw that Furion is picked on the opposing team. I would prefer to have him in the lane so he could harass the opponents instead of doing selfish farming in the forest.

    A shared 4th place goes to Axe and Naix.
    They're unreliable and random in terms of jungling. 'Nuff said.
  11. Harmless.Kittee

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    Merlini style Beastmaster epic creep pulling jungling
  12. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Brood - 13min relic pace
    Enigma - slightly slower pace
    Tinker - 13min BOT + Bottle lvl 8 max march

    no pulls required
  13. I've never seen a tinker jungle lol. Seems kind of redundant when you can just dominate a lane and farm BoTs in 10 minutes.
  14. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    I would like a replay of jungle Tinker.
    Never seen it before.
  15. Supamahn

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    Enigma by far is the best jungler. Naix's or Lycan come in a close second and Furion/Enchan come in a close third. But this is my opinion. Also Juggernaut can jungle quite well too. Just needs a basi ring and he can wipe out creep camps easily but will need many trips back to the fountain and need time to recover his mana.
  16. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member

    Enigma is the best jungler IMO, he can take the big camp from lvl q with conversion, and can jungle fast with well managed mana, and the gank potential is a beauty, with malefice and eidolons

    i also likes lycan as jungler, esp when he got his vlads, its gonna go smooth from there on, the gak potential is his max ms + invis wolf, and the wolves can also be used for rune scout

    the next best jungler are naix,axe,chen,enchant,troll IMO
  17. Obsession

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    Honestly, Lycan is a sub-standard jungler pre-vlads, and fairs much better in lane. At lvl 7 in lane, those invisible lvl 4 wolves can deal 200dmg to a low armor hero easily, then back off and do it again 20 seconds later. Its (almost) free damage on your enemy, and I recall making life hell for just about every INT/AGI hero in lane. That and easy last hitting with his aura, and an infallible escape skill at lvl 6 - He's better in lane.
  18. marrocco

    marrocco Well-Known Member

    I see no love for Syllabear in this thread.
  19. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    chen + enigma both gank and level wise, ench is nice too.
    axe is ok, but i would prefer to lane him with ranged disabler (cm, lion etc) rather than jungling.
  20. Shadow-Seeker

    Shadow-Seeker Well-Known Member

    I would also like to see a Tinker jungle replay.

    Anyways #1 is Enigma, as you get the exp+gold from just using conversion and probably one of the fastest junglers.

    Furion / Lycan / Chen / Enchant / Sylla works well too imo, and doesn't require pulls.

    Troll works but he requires some pulling until he gets his HoIW.

    Also does anyone find that jungling Sentinel side is easier or just me?