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  1. m4r1ne

    m4r1ne New Member

    which hero is the best against LYCAN... that wolf is f***ing beast...
  2. Bodge

    Bodge Well-Known Member

    Beastmaster, Batrider, Necrolyte.
  3. jokinen

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  4. xkhuongdox

    xkhuongdox Well-Known Member

    naga [2]
  5. vijju1234567890

    vijju1234567890 Well-Known Member

    1)omg a wolf (lycan in shapeshift) is coming to kill me. - song of the siren.
    2)omg song is on CD - NET
    3)omg et also on CD - illusions and kill that else w8 and hold him while nets CD finishes
    4)illu also on CD - riptide 1 hit and juke and kill him
    5) hes 1v1 cming how to defeat him -as soon as he comes make illusions and cast riptide and keep on hitting him. if he kills all illusions and his ultimate ended try to juke him and kill wolves by riptide. if u have manta u can cast it also for prolonged illusion confusion. with this all his hp will drop fast. if he tries to ulti and escape cast net on hima nd kill him but if he survived with very low hp or u have very lwo hp and hes chasing then cast ur ultimate i.e. song of siren and then go to him and kill him/flee
  6. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Well-Known Member

    Siren rapes him hard.
  7. IlI

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  8. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Naga Siren
  9. Black_Ice

    Black_Ice Well-Known Member

    Not much space to get original here: Naga Siren.
  10. ImboredxD

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  11. cajac909

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  12. feral_nature

    feral_nature Well-Known Member

    naga, meepo and in general heroes like bm, bane, enigma that can hold him in place for a long time.

    THE-SARMA Well-Known Member

    Naga ;D
  14. NraYZdgeurL

    NraYZdgeurL Well-Known Member

    If you couldn't for some strange reason pick naga aginst him then disables like hex and euls can do well
  15. mrkcomt97

    mrkcomt97 Well-Known Member

    Naga siren and maybe balanar if you silence before wolf
  16. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    Ench + Venge + Naga

    eat him in the jungle and make him cry entire game after that
  17. Pr4nk5t3r

    Pr4nk5t3r Well-Known Member

    magic bush.

    Or naga.
  18. Aximil

    Aximil Well-Known Member

    As others have said, Naga Siren. If he has BKB and it's a teamfight you can use Song of the Sirens to sleep everyone but him (since he's magic immune) then you can 5v1 him and his team will be easy pickings afterwards.
  19. d.phoenixxx

    d.phoenixxx Well-Known Member

    Just to say, Lycan with Howl build in lane works.

    Lycan need not always jungle, although jungle is a very good option for Lycan.

    And Storm Spirit does counter Lycan pretty well, otherwise, just get Ghost Scepter.
  20. zwegat85

    zwegat85 Well-Known Member

    Ward easy camp (hide it!) and the pull camp before the creeps spawn to mess up some of his farm (even if he dewards after 3 minutes it's worth it), later on Slithice.