Where are the EHP guides?

Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by Blamagenkind, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Blamagenkind

    Blamagenkind Well-Known Member

    I remember way back, there was an EHP guide including damage block and evasion. Does anyone know where it is or was it deleted or maybe it was in dota-allstars? Please provide a link if anyone knows, thanks! :hope:
  2. matrice

    matrice Well-Known Member

    I know it was in this very forum, but i don't remember the title name
  3. Blamagenkind

    Blamagenkind Well-Known Member

    Thanks, at least I know it's here. There are some dota calculator websites but the stats are outdated.
  4. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    Well there is this ancient draft guide (forum version). It was never completed and is extremely outdated, last updated more than six and a half years ago. I also haven't checked it for accuracy in any way.

    If you are are talking about something else, I can't find it.
  5. Blamagenkind

    Blamagenkind Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think that's it. Thanks, eebs.

    E: Do triggered heals still exist in dota 2?
  6. AKBu3nY

    AKBu3nY Well-Known Member


    All damage blocking/reducing effects work as you would expect them. They simply reduce/block damage.

    The only exception is Shallow Grave and Wraith King's aghs effect though. They actually still use pre-heal. The mechanic was only copied because people wanted that Blade Mail interaction. It was only added for Shallow Grave. And WK has it only because they copied Shallow Grave's codes for it.

  7. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    its not that hard to calculate EHP through whatever

    for armor, EHP = HP * (1 + 0.06 * armor)
    adding evasion, you just divide by the % chance to hit: EHP = HP * (1 + 0.06 * armor) / (1- %evasion)
    adding damage block, divide by the ratio of damage not being blocked: EHP = HP * (1 + 0.06 * armor) / (1- %evasion) / ((damage-block)/damage)
  8. BetaKey

    BetaKey Well-Known Member

    do vanguard crimson stout poorman bristleback stack

  9. Blamagenkind

    Blamagenkind Well-Known Member

    Thanks buny.

    Yeah, all of that is in the link.

    From gamepedia, bristleback was not mentioned but it stacks with damage block since it's damage reduction.