Whats the most effective counter to meepo?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Parsley, May 5, 2012.

  1. R0SHAN

    R0SHAN Well-Known Member

    Invoker is the number one counter to Meepo, enough said.
  2. Elle'

    Elle' Banned

    ^Care to explain?
  3. Darklycan51

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  4. fknElterzzz

    fknElterzzz Well-Known Member

    burst damage on one of his clones is usually the most effective way to kill off meepo.
    so nukers would typically counter meepo early game. as well as add to the burst damage output lategame.
  5. SuperSheep

    SuperSheep Well-Known Member

    Aside from all the things listed previously, I should point out that pudge has an incredibly easy time hooking meepo since the clones are often bunched together, and he can usually pick off the one clone before the others can poof in and do too much damage.
  6. Manwhale4

    Manwhale4 Well-Known Member

    Nerubian assasin if it has not been mentioned
    if he can find the right clone he can burst damage that bitch to death. Vendetta+impale+dagon+mana burn = funny rage

    THE-SARMA Well-Known Member

    Roaming Lina can fuck him up stun ult first 1 dead meepo.
  8. Lenciades

    Lenciades Well-Known Member

    Lina, Lina, and aghs EB Lina
  9. Person.Boi

    Person.Boi Well-Known Member

    Magnataur, enigma, lion, na, OMNI as someone mentions b4, dazzle for + ur armour - his
    But if you let meepo farm his core + dagger, ur pretty much fked unless you ward properly.
  10. Soro

    Soro Member

    Hence why Diamond123's suggestion for Lich and Kris's suggestion for laning Omniknight against Meepo is so good.
    Screwing Meepo's early game is the best way to shut him down. No matter how good you are at meepo, you can't lane against those heroes without some assistance from your teammates.
  11. Reesj

    Reesj Well-Known Member

    Specially the build i go with tranquil, void stone to ghost-> ethereal!
  12. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member


    1v1, batrider or obsidian.
  13. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    If we're talking about 1v1 there are around 90-95 heroes which should win against him. But noone as hard as Axe.