Whats the max level?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Geno., Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Geno.

    Geno. Banned


    whats the max battlelevel in dota?
  2. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    none, i saw in changelong where they said that there is no maximum level
  3. WallaceGrover

    WallaceGrover Well-Known Member

    18, after that your champion stops gaining levels...
  4. MissBlood

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  5. Madness101

    Madness101 Well-Known Member

    Lies,thats only on LoL
    Max level is 25
  6. Life-Stealer

    Life-Stealer Well-Known Member

    25 herp derp
  7. Madness101

    Madness101 Well-Known Member

  8. Life-Stealer

    Life-Stealer Well-Known Member

    Not really. He is asking for a players level on the client. Not the hero level

  9. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member


    Heroes's level or Battle Points?

    The max level of all heroes are 25.
  10. junz13

    junz13 Well-Known Member

    To make things clear, heroes have a max level of 25 just like in Dota 1.

    Battle Level has no max level AFAIK.
  11. LukeWindwalker

    LukeWindwalker Well-Known Member

    God u guys are fucking dumb
  12. what it is battlelevel ?
    is this a new EXPERIENCE in Dota?!?
  13. RTSDealer

    RTSDealer Well-Known Member

    There is no max level.

    Cheat enabled!
  14. SpellBindeR~

    SpellBindeR~ Banned

    Geno.'s level
  15. kienluong02

    kienluong02 Well-Known Member

    99 is max level in dota.
  16. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    Over 9000 for sure.