what's penalty for abandoned game in dota 2?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by karlongkar, May 3, 2012.

  1. karlongkar

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    thanks for answers
  2. Maydie-

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    If you have too many abandoned games you'll end up in a low priority group. That means you'll be playing with other leavers and it will take you a loooong time to find games when queued.
  3. dark.88

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    You get moved into a pool of players who also leave, afk, and troll. So The players who don't leave play with eachother, and the leavers play with eachother. Lasts 24 hours or until you buy a get out of jail card for real money in the DotA store(pending)
  4. karlongkar

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    is that only one penalty from abandoned game?

    and if the game is open , is all stats going to be reset or not?

    Edit after 24 hours everything go to normal right?
  5. l1k3m1k3

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    I am surprised no troll answer in here.
  6. dark.88

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    I actually don't know if it's 1 game or not, but it goes away after 24 hours once you are in.

    I don't see why they shouldn't do it after 1 leave because it's easy enough to get out.
  7. Inreet

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    you will be taken into Liverpool.
  8. JohnAsmar

    JohnAsmar Well-Known Member

    You will not be able to pick Techies for 1 day.
  9. sunnymarcell

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    your counter under the "Abandoned" text will change from x to x+1
  10. ShowThemHell

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    Pain...A lot of pain.....You won't want to imagine it...
  11. Hadgehog

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    I saw a guy who had 3 weeks time in low priority (some friend invited him to party). He played a bit, said 'I'm sorry' and left.
    So I guess low priority can be stacked to big times(at least it was like that before).
    Also, abandoning 1 game a day(or so) does nothing. Only if you leave 2 or more times in a short period then you will get low priority.