what your item build for Sven?!!

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by High_elf_ranger, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. High_elf_ranger

    High_elf_ranger Well-Known Member

    hi guys, its me (again)

    some day, my friend and my brother so very dejected on me, they said: "will you stop using that ranged heroes!! Alleria, Traxex, only these girls that you can hadle?? are you willing to marry them!!? :shock:

    so in my upset, i must follow their order. and i go with sven,
    i confuse how will i build this guy.
    so i go around, visiting any guide on this forum, and after that i decide to use this item build

    buriza do kyanon
    vlad/ satanic

    if that weird, tell me how i should build him properly?

    sorry for bad english, i on the bad mood when wrote this......
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  2. Lucre2808

    Lucre2808 Well-Known Member

    I play Sven as support so my build is pretty simple and cheap.
    Soul ring, PT, Urn, Medal, Bottle and TP.
    When the game gets longer, I will sell the Bottle and Soul Ring and get myself Blink as well as BKB, initiation will be much better.
  3. YeahOfCourse

    YeahOfCourse Active Member


    gank and push


    clash and win
  4. Salawayun

    Salawayun Well-Known Member

    Here's something that's cheap, yet functional:

    For Laning:
    Soul Ring

    Mid-Game Stuff:
    Blink Dagger
    Vit Boost

    Optional stuff for Power Gankers
    Magic Stick/Wand

    Something to be considered:
    Blade Mail

    Entering Late Game:

    Very Late Game and your preferred Luxuries:
  5. SirIsaacNewton

    SirIsaacNewton Well-Known Member

    It is best to play him as a low farm support/roamer that transitions into semi carry with an extremely cheap core.

    Item Build:
    Tranquil + Stick/Wand/basi + Urn or MoC
    Bracer into Drums
    Disassemble tranquil into vlads + Treads/phase

    Luxury is Blink/bkb/HH in that order.
    He does quite good damage with just Treads/phase + Vlads + Drums + Urn/Moc. The total cost is less than 6000 which is doable playing as a 3 or 4 on your team.

    The problem with your build is it is extremely expensive.
    You are wasting all your team's farm into a carry sven that fails to deliver because he is countered by slow/stun/forcestaff/eul
  6. brengxex

    brengxex Well-Known Member

    Guinsoo / force staff / Eul

    Seriously, you are only a walking stun.
  7. High_elf_ranger

    High_elf_ranger Well-Known Member

    i often purchase battle furry for him, after i get S&Y
    what do you think?

    am not starting with 5vs5 am start in 3vs3 first
  8. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Seems likely if you don't build him for dealing damage.

    A Treads/Blink/BKB build extending into Satanic, Basher or AC usually lets him carry reasonably. He's still Sven, and he's not all that impressive, but it's better than saying "fuck it" and being a walking stun.
  9. cavitaro

    cavitaro Active Member

    But thats exactly what he is. And, having some heroes that can do that and some more, sven has no role in competitve gaming. But, exactly by being sp unespecific in its roll, you can be quite flexible in your builds in those meaningless 3x3 or 1x1 (@OP), where the only thing in check is your 'dominance' over your brother/friend/whatever. I'm not going into specifics here, but in those situations, you don't wanna go support builds.You have to stay alive and have some laning presence/killing capabilities. Figure it out, make some tests, but always have in mind that what you're doing doesn't fit any serious gaming.
  10. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    Sven is cool hero, and can be played with variation from game to game.

    My favourite and propably most cost-efficient build for late-mid / early-late-game powerhouse is:

    Boots of Speed
    Soul Ring
    (A mix of Urn, Bracer, Null, Wand, Medallion, Bottle depending on the situation)
    Power Treads
    HotD (For ancient stacking and later Satanic)
    Buriza (if you got money for it)
    Assault Cuirass (if you got money for it)
    Satanic (if you got money for it)
  11. mxt

    mxt Well-Known Member

    If sidelane tranq forcestaff (yep)

    carry = phase, drumb, bkb, yasha, crystalis
  12. XASD777

    XASD777 Well-Known Member

    sven rly love a lot of 2k range items (drum, blink, mom, crit/sange+upgrades, armlet) so trying to capitalize on that when you hit bkb is rather effective.

    Unlike just about any meleestyle dpser basher tend to be underwhelming, since you'll be dealing a good 500 dmg per hit with a sub 10k build at 16 odds are targets die before you can proc bash.
    Example build: treads drum armlet bkb, often you can squeeze in another 2k item before needing bkb, assuming you started getting cleave at 7/8, past bkb you can generally get heart/ac/daddycrit/supersange however you like.

    e\ sven is weak on a very low budget, but can work wonders with a reasonable small one.
  13. godofrandom

    godofrandom Well-Known Member

    Battle fury on him is like Battle fury on dark seer. You are a support, not farmer. And you have your own useless cleave. Don't level it btw, take stats and max cleave at levels 21-25.
  14. Pe(Gas)Us

    Pe(Gas)Us Member

    You could try a more pub/fun oriented build with:
    Before that you need Treads and something for mana. I find that wand+jango is often enough.
    With that build, you're a midgame god. But beware if you start carrying too hard, the enemy will just build diffusal and you'll be back to being semi useless.

    Luxury: HoT, Buriza.
  15. Lucre2808

    Lucre2808 Well-Known Member

    BKB will be much better in any case.
  16. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    TB -> Soul Ring -> Drums -> Blink -> BKB -> MoM is excellent.
  17. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    PT, Blink, BKB, Armlet, whatever tf you want(usually some armor like AC or HH)
  18. zeraeign

    zeraeign Well-Known Member

    Anyone may have said this but I didnt' read it all so here I go. Sven, is one of rounded heroes. He can carry, he can support, he can gank (support), etc (if there are other roles in the game). Thus, the item-build you can have for this hero is unlimited. Enough said.
  19. godofrandom

    godofrandom Well-Known Member

    You said nothing useful. He is just terrible at carrying and bad at supporting.
  20. Khgint

    Khgint Well-Known Member

    You can always go pub build: Treads --> MoM --> BKB