What to do if someone threatens you?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by LordofDestiny, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. LordofDestiny

    LordofDestiny Well-Known Member

    What if you heard from a source that someone will send his "buddies" to you and will not be in a good way? What would you do now? :no:
  2. Dark Solitude

    Dark Solitude Well-Known Member

    I would go to the DLG game thread and vote no one.

    Also, was the source reliable? And why would that person want to harm you?
  3. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    threten him that if even 1 guy appears to beat you up you'll break his neck

    OR call him a weak ass bitch and provoke him into a 1v1 fight

    BTW what's you phisical shape and attitude ?Are you cocky , nerdy , scared , pitbull , neutral , respected , neutral respected ?

    edit: if you feel under pressure right now you MUST do the following things , take a hot bath and drink some tea it will help you consetrate on how to act on the following day.
  4. Denki

    Denki Banned

    Get some buddies of your own and prepare for a counter-gank.
  5. LordofDestiny

    LordofDestiny Well-Known Member

    Source is reliableSource got attacked today himself that is why I think i will have to make a long talk with him >.> we have been best buddies for years but had a fight last year since then we have been talking less and less and it now seems he even HATES me while i just am neutral against him.. my physical shape is neutral i suppose >.> depends xd but he is like not that smart but big and strong lol... but i think talking it out is the best... before real accidents happen.
  6. Razorya

    Razorya Well-Known Member

    Tell him you'll tell your mother if he says such mean things again! Violence is BAD!;<
  7. Dark Solitude

    Dark Solitude Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, I guess talking it out with him first is not a bad idea but if hes already put a hit on you, I dont think it is the best idea either.
  8. kitchen

    kitchen Well-Known Member

    just keep farming till you have enough for buyback
  9. ParaDise.-

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  10. Wyk

    Wyk Forum Manager

    Solution 1:
    Steal his girlfriend. She is your secret weapon.

    Solution 2: (incase you fail at solution 1)
    If you're sure that he is going to harm you physically, inform the police that you were threatened. Incase anything happens to you, the first person who goes to jail is him. Law pwns.

    Solution 3: (incase you fail at all of the above)
    Join the mob. No one touches the mob but the mob.

    Solution 4:
    Go to Official DotA Website > Heroes > Doom Bringer
    Then click on his ultimate and click it on yourself.

  11. Denki

    Denki Banned

    Wow. I find it amusing that a mod posts not to close the thread, but to troll it. EPIC. :rofl:
  12. Dark Solitude

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  13. Wyk

    Wyk Forum Manager

    A post that has serious information in it is not a troll post and mine does. xD Also even we are allowed a bit of freedom now and then.
  14. Pingus!

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    I hope im the first.
  15. Gray_Fox

    Gray_Fox Well-Known Member

    Some of the answers above are pretty good.

    Tell your parents. This will pretty much solve the problem, then again your ego might take a solid hit. If you don't have a problem with that, there you go.

    Contacting the police about threats is tricky. I don't know about the law in Holland, but I doubt they'll act if there wasn't any actual physical altercation (aside from your friend).

    Another option(as one other poster said) is to call your buddies and fight back. This is tricky, because it can lead to further bloodshed.

    A surprisingly effective way to protect yourself is to actually have a trained dog. A friend of mine has two pit bulls he takes out for walks regularly, he just commands them to bite the guy that's causing trouble.

    Can you say why is he threatening you?
  16. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member


    OT: Get you own 'buddies' :C
  17. Yokkyun

    Yokkyun Well-Known Member

    Tell it to your parents.
  18. pratt

    pratt Well-Known Member

    tell ur parents -> fucking beta

    get your own friends and beat the shit outta him -> alpha as fuck
  19. Face them or just be in an open space.
  20. otomo

    otomo Well-Known Member

    Kick his ass.