What is your Ezalor strategy/ item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by derfalli, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. derfalli

    derfalli New Member

    How do you play ezalor? What role do you take (support/ warder, ganker, carry X_X, etc.)? What items do you use on him?

  2. Bovver

    Bovver Well-Known Member

    He is support and pusher in the same time

    Mekasm, 2 bracers and boots are core
  3. rowingtech09

    rowingtech09 Well-Known Member

    The best thing about KotL is how obscenely well you can farm with Illuminate, making it a breeze to quickly get Boots+Mek+Wards+whatever else your team needs. However depending on the game situation you may need to go Leak+Chakra early (for gank-oriented lineups), in which case your main role is just to keep your allies' mana up and assist with ganks (time you can use to put obs).
  4. Imverysorry

    Imverysorry Member

    Extensions after the core mentioned above could be: BoT, Shivas, Guinsoos, Pipe
  5. BorisPeace-

    BorisPeace- Well-Known Member

    Ezalor can farm pretty fast, has infinite mana, no escape mekanism (maybe Blinding Light).

    1) Never get Arcane Ring / Null Talisman. You already have infinite mana and a skill better than Arcane Ring.

    2) Get 2-3 bracers. I usually get 3 bracers.

    3) Core is BoT, Guinsoo, Mekanism. Normally I wouldn't add Guinsoo in a core item list, however Gandalf the Gray can really farm.

    Defensive Strategy: Gandalf the Gray is an anti-pusher. Meaning you have to anticipate your enemies' movement and be at the tower they will try to take on. Get there with TP/BoT, cast illuminate -> no creeps -> no push.

    Offensive Strategy: 1 hero pushes top, other 4 (including Gandalf the Gray) pushes bottom. The opposing team comes bottom to defend. Suddenly Gandalf the Gray turns to Gandalf the White, teleports top, gets one of the heroes with him with Recall, destroys top.
  6. acfire

    acfire Well-Known Member

    I just play support and pusher with him. I usually get BoT, Mek, and Guinsoo
  7. Ali Radicali

    Ali Radicali Well-Known Member

    DON'T FARM! Whatever you do, you must realise that farm is totally wasted on Ezalor, andtherefore you should never take farm away from an ally. If absolutely no one is able to reach a creepwave, sure, take it, but that's quite rare. All the >8K builds in this thread are WRONG.

    Just Chakraspam your ally, mana Leak your enemies and be sure to spend whatever gold you get on whatever your team needs, I.E. wards, Mek and dusts.
  8. Tazmissle

    Tazmissle Member

    Best to play with someone you know to lane with to make full use of chakra. Depending on game, if your team needs more ganking, level up mana leak fast. Else sit in lane and farm with illum. During pushes and defense, remember to recall allies who are too far away with no TP.
  9. Wonder_Boy

    Wonder_Boy Well-Known Member

    The "noob" way to play this hero is to spam your illuminate, pushing your lane hard and getting lots of gold. Whoop-dee-freakin' do! All you have done is make is taken a bunch of farm from your carry allies, and done little against competent enemies. It is far better for your team to play pure support with this hero, keeping your allies mana up and leaking your opponents. You still have your illuminate around mid game to stop pushing (and to push when needed), but there is no logical reason to do it early game.
  10. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    2-3x Bracers + Boots + RoB + Wards all the way.
    I'd get a Mekansm if i have spare gold.
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  11. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member

    ^ Totally right.
  12. Ali Radicali

    Ali Radicali Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't get more than 2 Bracers, simply because you don't have the inventory space. Even with 2 Bracers, Boots and a RoB, you have 1 slot left for wards and 1 for TP scroll. Imagine if you also need to Dust/Sentry, or if you start assembling that Mek. 1-2 Bracers is fine, but 3 is a waste because you'll have to sell it or not wear it half the time.
  13. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    You do have a point, but generally, when i ward, i send the crow with the wards down, pass him a bracer, take the wards, plant one, return it to the crow, and get my bracer back.
    Well, it's entirely a different case for dust, yea.
  14. R.B.Economy

    R.B.Economy Well-Known Member

    Ezalor is fun, I like to play him. Mana Leak is great to piss off your mana reliant enemies...
  15. Taranus

    Taranus Member

    core is BoT + 2Bracer with this you can do most of ezalor
    above this mekanism heal + armor for alias is good wards! that's must mabe pipe but if you got such money farme little more and get guinso + i realy like to get necro book on him it gives him some hp + nice move speed for team and truesight not bad at all !!!
  16. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    2x Bracer Travels and OVER 9000 WARDS. He is the an awesome support hero at pushing. Lane him with a stunner who uses lots of mana (ES is the optimum choice IMO) who can also set up enemies to get raped by an illuminate. When mana leak actually stunned and mana burn was a solid number the NA KotL lane was a FUCKER. But icy nerfed the top tier...

    Push. Push. Push. Buy mek wards dust wards guinsoo wards.
  17. turtle.slayer

    turtle.slayer Well-Known Member

    he is maybe the fastest hero that cn rush guinsso.
    my friend solos mid with him, and u might say that this hero shdnt take solo because he is support, but when my friend does this he rushes guinsso in 12-13 min . And the person soloing mid against him is always screwed due to easy harassement
  18. rowingtech09

    rowingtech09 Well-Known Member

    If you rush Guinsoo you're farming too much. Mek is really the most expensive item you could ever want/need.
  19. Leaf89

    Leaf89 Active Member

    In competive i skil llike this Wave,chakra,chakra,leak/stats/chakra/leakult so on