What is your attitude to Russia?

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  1. Inreet

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    Sarcasm I hope?

    You're right actually. Current government don't care as much as it needed about normal people.
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    He? Aren't both words similar? I remember water sounding like "voda" in Russian.
  3. Inreet

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    It's like compare "bitch" and "beach". Also you can't mistake them for sure.
  4. Hey00

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    Yes that's what I meant, that was a pun. (And believe me, if Russians won't mistake them for sure, non native can mistake beach/bitch or sheet/shit and probably voda/vodka too or at least pronounce one in a way native speakers would understand the other).

    By the way, I remember seeing somewhere that in Russia, when you vote, your vote isn't secret, is that true?
  5. Pwntlolz

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    their proximity to afghanistan is a major factor in their drug habits, as well as their bad policies and weakened nation from the fall of the soviet union
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    Good musical education. And culture.
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    I think Russia is not a good country to live in because it never changes. It will always be the overgrown imperialistic corruption prone absolutist regime. Most of the population will always support the ruler of Russia no matter if he is called the Tzar, President or General Secretary of the Party. It will always be easier for those who don't like the regime to just leave Russia than to change it.

    I don't like Russia. Russians, well, it depends on personality. The USSR was a regime on par with nazi germany but since nobody wanted to risk WW3, it collapsed by itself. The current regime might not be as strict as the USSR but it continues its tradition of threat based diplomacy, absolute lack of self-reflection and refusal of any apology for what Russia did since 1917 till 1991.
  9. Inreet

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    Firstly, this is mentality of Russian people (to hope that master will come and solve all problems make a right decision). Imperialistic? You mean communistic? You shouldn't blame people for that since all countries used to be monarchy countries. There is no static things.

    Why do you think it collapsed? Because people were tired to live in communist country. And you say we will always support our leader. Flaw logic is flaw.

    edit: And what have we done? Stopped Hitler? Or maybe sent first man to the space? Seriously all countries have bad pages of their history. As I sad above there is no static things.
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  10. DoomSlayers

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    Well, the MSM (main stream medias) tend to give us a pretty negative image of Russia. In any case, I don't base my opinion around "public opinion".

    My image of Russia is pretty neutral. We should stay away from their sovereignty and stop calling them "undemocratic"... especially the US (which is a 2 party dictatorship).
  11. DmLucifer

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    I meant imperialistic. Which means it seeks to expand and once it was there it never lets go.
    I meant THE leader. Once a leader stops being THE leader, the power changes hands. Once Putin loses his charm or becomes too old, there will be a new power-hungry tzar in his place in no time.
    Yes, Russia has bad pages in their history. And in the history of all the surrounding nations. How can you even ask what have you done ? Occupation of Hungary in 1956, occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Katyn 1940, Winter War of 1939, occupation of Afghanistan in 1979, Georgia in 2008. You only defeated Hitler because he attacked first, up until 1941 the Molotov Ribbentrop pact was in place.
  12. Hey00

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    Good to know, it seemed odd when I saw it but never bothered to search more.

    I think he meant things as the red terror, the goulags, the intervention in Budapest. Every country has done good things but all of them also have blood on their hands.

    edit: ninja'ed, but again, most countries have as many blood on their hand, and we must not confuse previous government, current one and population. It seems to me quite silly for a government to apologize for something a previous one did.
    Acknowledging what happened and presenting condolences or such, sure, but apologizing for something one isn't responsible for seems meaningless to me.
  13. FF_MikeRoch

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    I just love when people says this. Watch, when an alien race comes to Earth and occupies Easter Europe people like you will be crying out "Oh, that evil Nato! And those bastard Americans! They had us occupied!" And when America defeats the aliens and gains control again, we will go to "Oh those heartless aliens! had us occupied! Thank you America for saving us!"

    Thats the mentality of a "leach" country. One that can not stand on its own, and needs a host to survive. When it sees the right moment, is switches hosts. Ever since the Russian princes united and Russia became powerful, the countries in between the European powers and Russia kept switching sides, over and over. And dont feed me the bullshit that they didnt like it.

    What was so bad about the 'occupations'? Was it that the USSR fed all those countries? Do you honestly think the eastern block had it that bad? People in the former Soviet countries worked their asses off so the leach nations could enjoy Russian bread and American jeans.

    Why dont you remember how those same countries took sides with the nazis, and helped with the extermination of the Jews? Why do you overlook the fact that Hitler's plans were to even those countries with the ground? Maybe if the USSR waited a bit, until there was nothing left of the East, and then kept pushing onward, then we wouldnt have to hear people whine about some 'occupation'.

    Oh, and Georgia 2008? Well, your WHOLE credibility just went down the shitter. Which explains your mentality towards Russia. The ideas of the west, chewed and shoved down your throat. No, I dont need your bullshit of "qq they invaded Georgia" I have family in the Caucasus region, both Georgia and Ossetia, and I know damn well what went down. Many European officials later visited the region and said "whoops, yeah, Georgia started the conflict" However, people easily overlook that.

    Well I suggest you look him up. He talks a lot about Russian politics and makes some good points. Very intelligent man. He was also one of the main people who did their best to ensure a fair election.
  14. DarkoFanKlub

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    I do like russians and russia, they're very nice people. To us, serbians, they are like brothers.

    But in DOTA2 i don't like russians, they suck :)
  15. DmLucifer

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    Do you know why small countries need a host ? Because of asshole countries like Russia which always seek to expand. Why don't you ask the Eastern Germans if they'd like to be occupied by the Americans or Russians.
    Dead people, toughening of the regime, rapes, theft, that sort of thing. You must be joking about the feeding. Communism was the main reason the availability of food went down, the quality of food was subpar since everybody who had the option stole the better parts, there was even a famine in the USSR in 1933. Compared to the western block, the eastern block did have it bad. People in the leach nations were able to make their own bread but NO, the planned economy had them making something else. Also, do you know how hard it was to get American jeans while communism was in place.
    Nazi Germany was quite big, you know. It's not exactly like we did have a choice. It was either surrender or get steamrolled from all sides. And sure, there were people helping the nazis. And there were people helping the jews too. It's funny because if Hitler didn't act that way in Ukraine and Balt, he could defeat you. And another thing that is funny is that you DID wait. Warsaw uprising of 1944 ringing any bells ? Poles planned an uprising in anticipation of arrival of Soviet army and what did you do ? Stopped and waited until Germans regroup and crush the uprising and then you rolled in and declared you liberated Warsaw.
    Yeah, giving foreign nationals russian citizenship and then claiming they are attacking your citizens. Textbook russian tactic of sticking your nose somewhere.
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    Would you guys really be pissed if we refused your offer of vodkas? I'm always curious, its been said in Burn notice.
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    I looks like there is an overwhelming majority of videos on the internet of people performing risky acts that originate from Russia. Are Russians more prone to join activities that are dangerous?

    Also, how is the atheist community in Russia? And also what about tolerance towards other people? Are Russians mean in general?
  18. Inreet

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    Tell me witch country don't want to expand its boarders? In all times every country try to become more powerful then its neighbors (e.g. British Empire or France).

    Do you know that is there is THE leader there will be now doubts in human minds that they're doing right things. Just remember Hitler or Napoleon. The time for changes comes only when when there is no strong leader who can hold all in his hands or if people are completely tired to leave under the leadership of this man (and this is what exactly happened in 1917 and 1991).

    As I said above there is enough bad pages of history. For Hitler we delayed the war because we WASN'T ready for it. After revolution we had no good weapon, no good army. We just needed time to prepare to Hitler's invasion (I thinks you're inteligent enough to search deeper and find information that Stalin wasn't an idiot and he knew that sooner or later the Hitler will attack Soviet Union).
    As for Georgia it just shows the fact that you don't want to know the truth. You just need a valid reason to hate us and nothing more.

    Because they lost the war and winners had rights to do what they want.

    Do you know the main point of communism? It's the equality of all people no matter who they are. You didn't need to fear the next day if you're fired or not. You will always have a job to do and money to spend (well to so much but enough to buy food and some stuff). And all was friendly there was not so much crime and drugs. The food was better because it was natural (unlike in nowadays where I usually can't find stuff without genetically modified ingredients and MSG). Planned economy have it's strong (all have their piece of bread, it's better during the war, low crime level) and weak (the quality and quantity wasn't good enough) points and so do market economy.

    Do you think the war can be won without a plan? So commanders must change their plans only because in one country people were tired to wait a little more? I'm not a general and nor are you. We can't judge this kind of actions without proper knowledges. The history shows that USSR was right with plan of defeating Germany.

    If people ask for protection why should we refuse? It wasn't we who killed ordinary people and bomb the villages. I guess you approve this kind of "restoration constitutional order", right? You blame my country for lack of democracy but refuse in rights for people to separate from country they don't like and make their own decisions.

    Can't tell you. I'm not drinking and never offer it to others.

    I can't tell it's "more" or "less". But yes there are many dangerous things that are made by my my countrymates.

    Russia used to be... non-atheist country (can't find a better word). But in 1917 communists declared that there is no god (they replaced it in some kinds by Lenin). Today we still have communists' heredity that result in big number of atheists.

    In nowadays we have some conflicts with Caucus. The people from that region came to the middle of country and behave like they're at home. Of cause that result in dissatisfaction of "native" people. But in general Russia is multicultural country from it's creation and usually nations lives here in peace.

    Russia is a big country and I can't give you a proper answer are we mean or not. It very depends on where you live (e.g man from Siberia is much ruder than man from Moscow but I'm not excluding vise versa situation). In USSR people was much friendly then now.
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  19. Domenico

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    Notes about Russia on TVTropes
    I'll just leave it here. I had no time to examine all related articles, but those I've seen are quite good. The only problem is that some articles (like those about modern times) are written from just 1 PoV, but I think that's not a problem - we can make our additions ITT if you still have something to say or ask maybe.

    Due to TVTropes nature, don't forget to pay attention to subcategory any given article belongs to (to tell ones about Russia from ones dedicated to stereotypes and typical portrayal of it).
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    USSR had the same conditions. Yet they died fighting. Which gave them the right to do what they pleased with the land. Be thankful Stalin didnt form concentration camps for all of the traitors in the Eastern block.