What Is the best hero in dota

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by ra3dbitar, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. ra3dbitar

    ra3dbitar New Member

    best mele hero:
    best range mele:
  2. uchin4X

    uchin4X Well-Known Member

    :medtroll: is the best hero.
  3. ^^DragonFist^^

    ^^DragonFist^^ Well-Known Member


    He covers both your areas.
  4. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    best melee hero: :medtroll:
    best range hero: :medtroll:
  5. BlizziC

    BlizziC Well-Known Member

    OmG nO
    iTs TeRrOrBlAdE!!!!!!!!!!!111
  6. The Berserker

    The Berserker Well-Known Member

    It's Terrorblade, duh.
  7. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    but seriously, according to recent stats:

    Doom is the best Melee Hero.
    Venge is the best Ranged Hero.
  8. Bullseye-_-

    Bullseye-_- Well-Known Member

  9. Cyril

    Cyril Well-Known Member

    best melee hero: [​IMG]
    best range hero: [​IMG]
  10. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    competitively, but if you can micro:

    or invoker..
  11. Punj.Love Hater

    Punj.Love Hater Well-Known Member

    I guess it is TB!

    But it actually depends upon player who is playing that hero. It also lot depends upon ur team and opposite team.
  12. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    There is no best heroes in the game because most of all heroes have their own cons/disadvantages but a good player can make the hero the best.
  13. qmau

    qmau Well-Known Member

    Invoker has the most potential if a dota god would play.
  14. Mordax

    Mordax Well-Known Member

    there is no best hero f**** noobs
  15. Kikut

    Kikut Well-Known Member

    Seconded, this guy says the truth.
  16. HeadlessFrogMan

    HeadlessFrogMan Well-Known Member

    I just love threads like this....
  17. KeepFeedingNoob

    KeepFeedingNoob Well-Known Member

  18. LichKing11

    LichKing11 Well-Known Member

    Meele: Void..

    Range : Sf

  19. SpiderPig

    SpiderPig Banned

    Sniper-best range hero
    Troll-best melee hero( based for melee bash)
  20. Ivanns

    Ivanns Well-Known Member

    Every hero is good in some areas and bad at others.

    P.S. By quoting ^^DragonFist^^ and agreeing with him you make his e-peen grow. You don't want to do that.
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