What is sexy?

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    Oooooohh, that's where this thread is going? Ok then....

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    He made it very clear he thinks that girl is "developed." :nuke:
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    I think the media has very little to do with what individuals or society in general says is sexy. Most guys I know will see most models and say they are actually too skinny.

    There is actually a huge variety in what people find sexy and it can easily change drastically from person to person.
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    Many -most- 14 y/o girls are biologically fit for sexual intercourse. I don't know why it baffles Occidentals so much.
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    I personally think the media largely influences what at least I personally can find sexy in term of looks, but I also don't care about looks in the first place. It's really about how people make me feel.

    You are deleting whatever you don't like. I agree that flame should not be tolerated, but a lot of relevant points and interesting discussions may come from what is not strictly on topic.

    It's ok though. P1lloiuxxx also deleted everything he didn't like.

    Not really. There is hardly a big difference between a 14yo and a 17yo. But yes, I wouldn't bat an eye on anything that is younger than 23-24, if even that. Sentient life begins after 25 or even later with our generation.
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    There are rules in a specific thread if you want to take a look. Flaming and name-calling after a certain extend are not tolerable by any means.

    I don't delete what isn't strictly on topic. Please be more correctly informed before you make some claims.
    Proof: http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1448805
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    You deleted the discussion of a Russian feminist group in the Feminism thread.

    I mean really, what can I say. I am obviously not the only person who noticed the trend.
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    No, I deleted the posts of you talking to other members about how Putin is a terrible leader and the responses from other people on the subject. Which has nothing to do with feminism. Not to mention the reports around flaming going on in that thread and not only.

    Proof that soviet feminism material has been kept as long as it abided the rules: http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9661877#post9661877
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    The feminist group is anti-Putin, and the reason why they do their work is because Putin is a terrible leader and his leadership negatively affects women's rights.

    Meanwhile, in the Charlie Hedbo thread people talk about marriage, but somehow it relates to the massacre, right? :cat:
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    The Charlie Hebdo title and theme were requested to be changed and if you have noticed, the title is refering to Muslim view of justice in general which of course refers to the Sharia law.

    In contrast, your Putin posts that have been deleted and (I repeat) caused a heated conversation, ere mostly about you claiming how bad of a leader Putin is which turned into the central point of back-and-forth ad hominems.
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    Idk why, but flat is justice. Anything above or = D just doesn't fell right. And no, not talking about kids.
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    Are you sure you aren't saying "flat is justice" after being conditioned from years of anime? :shock:
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    Horses are also biologically fit for sexual intercourse but generally we don't allow that. For different reasons but the rule isn't arbitrary in either case and physical capability is not the reason why.

    There definitely huge differences between a 14 and 17 year old. Like, objective differences, not even subjective ones.

    There are whole swathes of research on puberty and adolescences and they growth that bodies and minds go through during those years. I really don't know what y'all want from me?

    Quality reading right here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolescence
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    I'm not gonna believe that until you show me a real centaur.
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    You, and people like you are the reason why power rangers, teletubbies and such exist.
    You just assume that everyone that has less experience is automatically less capable of aquiring and processing said experience, so it's ok to make shit things for people that don't know yet any better.

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    Well, tough shit.
    By the age of 2 people learn to speak, and some even learn to read with no reference point.
    Try learning hindu with your 1-2 languages, math, universal pictograms and various transcendental concepts you had aquired by this point as a reference point, let's see how long it will take for you.
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    i dont think media determines what you find sexy, but it helps you to discover what you find to be sexually appealing

    for me, Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful woman and i only discovered her in media. however, the media never pressured me into accepting her as my standard for beauty.

    as for porn, some of my fetishes were discovered through it, but porn didnt make me to be interested in them in the first place

    however, these are mere personal experience, so we cant extrapolate this LOL