What is Naga Siren's Item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Cristiano375, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Cristiano375

    Cristiano375 Member

    What are the best items for naga siren?
    proper details please.... early, mid and end game items...
  2. TuuumAZ

    TuuumAZ Well-Known Member

    pt wand sr diffu manta tps

    wand - core on every hero imo
    pt - obvious choice of boots
    soul ring - reg to stay in lane and endless mana to farm with illusions - could be replaced with vladmir, I suppose. But SR is way cheaper.
    diffu - obvious
    manta - obvious

    Have fun!
  3. ztrnxz

    ztrnxz Well-Known Member

    ^ why do you need a soul ring? you're not TB jungling...and you dont really need to spam spells

    early: wand, boots
    mid: diffusal, optional vanguard and treads
    mid-late: manta, heart, butterfly, refresher, travels
  4. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    Early Wand Boots
    Mid Treads Diffusal Van
    Late Manta Heart Bfly

    ^^ why the soul ring o.o
  5. beard

    beard Well-Known Member

    buy infinite wards and vanguard
    get two teammates to grab euls
    eul two guys in a fight
    sleep the rest
    5v2 for 8 seconds
    5v3 after the rest of them wakes up
  6. Bloodmage

    Bloodmage Well-Known Member

    Most important thing is Diffusal:

    Picking up a Vanguard isn't a bad idea as health and *maybe* damage block (not sure) propogates to illusions.
  7. sndwch

    sndwch Well-Known Member

    Why Van on Naga? Damage block doesn't go to Illusions, so you're just paying for +300 HP which is nice but not woth 2k+ since Naga is a bad farmer early.

    Go Boots --> Diffusal. You can finish treads before Diffusal if you want, but I just try to rush Diffusal ASAP b/c it just gives you so much more damage.
  8. TuuumAZ

    TuuumAZ Well-Known Member

    Illusions make you farm like mad, able to farm ancients. And the regeneration is for lane control. Simply a better choice than Vanguard if you ask me. But if you feel like spending 2k gold for something you can get cheaper, go ahead. Also, if you need the block, get PMS. Unless you are thinking about buying Radiance, I'd skip Vanguard.
  9. Nooblex

    Nooblex Well-Known Member

    Main things:
    -Vlads is terrible on naga, especially early (auras don't work on illusions)
    -Early treads are good, but not needed if farming really well (fast diffusal is gg)
    -Fast diffusal 2 is severely underrated. Double damage for 850 > more purge charges
  10. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    Diffusal (it's just that strong on image heroes)
    Refresher for some imba raxing action.
  11. -VigRouX-

    -VigRouX- Well-Known Member

    Melee image heroes only.
  12. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

  13. -VigRouX-

    -VigRouX- Well-Known Member

    I didn't ask. I was telling some fact.
  14. wd.Ripper

    wd.Ripper Well-Known Member

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]/[​IMG]

    Just build your way to those items asap.
  15. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    QB -> PMS -> RoB if you're going to farm jungle -> Wand -> Treads -> Diffusal -> Manta/Butterfly -> Butterfly/Manta -> Heart
  16. laamis

    laamis Well-Known Member

    i actually played a game (pub yeah i know, but what can i say,i suck anyways) with naga, i randomed and i ALWAYS play support.
    anyways, i went for treads,pms,vanguard,manta and diffu.
    worked rather well, even got called a maphacker which to me sounds like i was doing a good job :D
    anyways, it was a pub,i don't play carrys like naga but still managed to get a decent "score" around 5-3-14 or so
  17. EyeOfFire

    EyeOfFire Well-Known Member

  18. sweetxPopcorn

    sweetxPopcorn Well-Known Member

    i would go for PT, Vanguard, Diffusal Blade and Hearts of Tarassque
  19. dargon_x

    dargon_x Well-Known Member

    vladmir -> phase boots -> dagon -> messerschmit
  20. flowra

    flowra Well-Known Member

    PT, diffusal, Radiance, Butterfly, Heart, Heart