What is low priority punishment pool mean?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by iblowtrees, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    i cant earn battle points and im pretty sure i didnt do anything to be put in punishment??

    SHIVEY Member

    ur in LOW p lol
  3. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    is that why it takes me 15-27 mins to find a match?
  4. ButterOnStick

    ButterOnStick Well-Known Member

    it means you get free wins.
  5. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    and how to you become high priority cause this bullshit queue time is getting really old really fast.

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  6. ReVil-

    ReVil- Well-Known Member

    Not sure, but if you're in Low priority queue, it means you'd something. Doesn't matter if it was chat abuse (would've lead to mute), or feeding / ability abuse. Something that was enough for the system to put you into low priority queue.

    Yes, it takes a very long time to find a match in low priority queue and you can't earn battle points, not sure though about item drops.

    Edit: Free wins part because in low priority queue you'll be matched with players that're very bad, or don't bother at all to win.

    To get out of high priority queue you shouldn't do anything that can extend the duration. Or don't play Dota 2 until you're out of low priority.
  7. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    wow is there any way out of LPQ cause dam i want to play.
  8. ReVil-

    ReVil- Well-Known Member

    Yes, if you want to play but not be stuck on LPQ forever don't do anything for what you can be reported for (like excessive feeding / abusing Keeper of the Light's Recall ability to make your teammates stuck on cliffs, etc.).

    If you don't do anything like this, you should be out of low priority pool soon. Not sure how long you're going to be in LPQ, though.
  9. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    oh. Well dam i guess fuck this game then if they are just going to punish you for learning how to play
  10. ReVil-

    ReVil- Well-Known Member

    Depends on what you mean by "learning how to play". The complete basics, or a bit more advanced stuff? If it's complete basics, and you made crucial mistakes on many games in a row, getting put into LPQ is most likely going to happen.
  11. Mizure

    Mizure Banned

    its highly unlikely that you get in low priority for not playing good,

    hell, its even hard to get in low prio for trolls.

    usual people get in low prio when they leave games without finish it.
    or if they stay up to 5 min afk, earn no gold/exp.

    this 2 things will give you an abandon, which results in low priority.
  12. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    i give up i didnt know they had a system like this.
  13. Mizure

    Mizure Banned

    yo op, read my post first before you leave!
  14. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    oh i did leave a couple and have been afk for like 5 mins once
  15. DrFrank~

    DrFrank~ Well-Known Member

    If you have any feddback regarding the LPQ system you can share it with the developers at dev.dota2.com

    Also, leaving and AFK-ing is very detrimental to your team, your LPQ punishment is justified.
  16. ReVil-

    ReVil- Well-Known Member

    Then you got your answer. Don't leave games / go afk and you won't have any issues regarding LPQ.
  17. FairyTailz

    FairyTailz Well-Known Member

    Are you a leaver? Most of the time, they will put you into low priority pool because you abandon games.
    Low priority pool = matches of leavers.
    If you want to abandon games without proper reason, dota2 will put all of the leavers in a match together.
  18. iblowtrees

    iblowtrees Member

    oh nah i only leave when there no hope for my side.
  19. FairyTailz

    FairyTailz Well-Known Member

    Most player never leave game even if the score of team is 40-1.
  20. Neurosis-

    Neurosis- Well-Known Member

    To be fair that's only really because they know they'll probably end up in LPQ.

    I'd leave games when it gets to that point where the game is 30-10 and you're down two raxes and the enemy team just picked up Aegis and are delaying ending the game.