What happens if you leave a game in DotA 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Millennium, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    That has a prov'd early abandonment? Do you still get the lose? If you win that game, is it counted as a win?
  2. Moone

    Moone Well-Known Member

    You get banned from dota 2 and can't log in to steam, srry.

    As for the topic.

    You get lose and and you get abondoned game and you are in the leaver's pool.
  3. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

  4. Moone

    Moone Well-Known Member

    Yes, I do not understand what I just wrote.
  5. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    an understandable one would be better then.
  6. Slagnitude

    Slagnitude Well-Known Member

    If the game already has an early abandonment it is safe to leave (which would be announced in the chat if it is). I'm pretty sure you will get a loss though if you leave even if your team wins, but I'm not 100% certain.
  7. xBeelzebub

    xBeelzebub Well-Known Member

    You take an abandon
    Not sure on the win/loss situation
    ONE abandon won't put you in leaver pool. Two abandons in a row will IIRC. One abandon CAN put you in low priority if your abandon count was already high. (I'm not sure if it's a flat number or percentage based. Most likely the latter)
  8. ZerloX

    ZerloX Well-Known Member

    Your PC sets off a timer to explode in 3 days the only way to make it stop is uninstalling wc3, dota 2 and system32.
  9. Rewels

    Rewels Well-Known Member

    They will sent Special force anti -leaver to your house and kidnnap you :3
    Just like Dota Leaver series =))
  10. FischiO_o

    FischiO_o Well-Known Member

  11. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    So it just won't count as an abandonment, but a loss if you leave after someone else? And say, if you are on the other team and win the game it will still be a win?
  12. DearGod212

    DearGod212 Well-Known Member

    you -afk :shock:
  13. Rewels

    Rewels Well-Known Member

    ^ ^i dont think the game system thats smart. if you leave, you take 1 ticket. its simple.
  14. Tomallow

    Tomallow Banned

    If you abandon, you automatically get a loss and an abandon. However, if your team wins, even though you abandoned, you will also get a win. Happened to me twice so far. It's kind of a paradox, since you won AND lost the same game.
  15. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    I am not saying if I leave the game FIRST, can't you read the OP for once?

    I am saying leaving AFTER someone left for more than 5 minutes and game system named it early abandonment, safe to leave bla bla bla
  16. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    IceFrog gets cancer.
  17. Rewels

    Rewels Well-Known Member

    ^ if the game told you its safe to leave then just leave, if you get a ticket for listening to the game, just bring a damn machete to vavle HQ and ask them, its work.
  18. Metztli

    Metztli Well-Known Member

    They got killer monkey so better not leave.
  19. Guce

    Guce Well-Known Member

    there is
    3 stats, if u leave u wil lget abandom and get in leavers pool to play whit leavers, continues leaving will lead to bans(not in beta but ull stay in leavers pool for ever)
  20. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    Gaben will come to pay a visit to your house and assrape you

    and he'll delay all valve products for 2 years