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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Novutwo, Apr 19, 2012.

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    The Issue

    I've noticed a problem in the DotA professional community recently, a problem I intend to fix. EU and Asian teams dominate the field at the moment, but why? Even since DotA 1, NA teams have been left behind in the race towards DotA stardom. We have an entire continent to choose from, where are all the NA teams, all the skilled NA players? Western Fury is here to answer that question.

    Who I'm Looking For

    I'm currently in search of extremely high-skilled players, in all roles, from anywhere in North America. If you question your own knowledge of the game, your ability to work as a team, or your skill level, don't waste your time - even if you get a tryout, I'll figure it out real quick.

    For what it's worth I typically play mid solo, but not always. If that's the only role you can play then don't bother.

    Let me stress one particular point: the ability to work as a team. I don't care how skilled you are if you're a fuckin' drama queen - one of my teammates found that out recently. It rips teams apart faster than anything else will and I simply won't have it.

    The Goal

    The goal is simple: practice hard, play hard, and win tournaments. We'll be registering for as many as we can and will be practicing daily whenever possible, primarily with scrims and clan wars with other established teams. The beginning may be rocky until we are settled with each other - don't be alarmed by that. The progress will come quicker than not.

    As always, having a good time is a facet I won't overlook. Even if we're taking it seriously, it's still a game. Don't let yourself get worked up. Enjoy the journey to the top.


    The best way you can get to me is through Steam:

    This is easily the most direct and will warrant the quickest response from me. If, for some reason, you don't want to/can't contact me through Steam, post in this thread/PM me or use one of these alternative contact methods:

    Skype: Novutwo

    NOTE: I currently have a registration slot for the ProDotA2 qualifier. If I can get this together shortly we will be competing in that tournament, which is good for a shot at the best of the best:
  2. Novutwo

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    Headed off to class for a bit, if I don't respond that's why. Be back soon.
  3. Novutwo

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    Bump, still searching for all roles, but most specifically utility support and hard support.
  4. Ellimist

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    SteamID: theellimist
  5. Novutwo

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    To everyone else: I'm heading to bed for the night, but I'll be on almost all of tomorrow, and will be running scrims most of the day. Get in contact with me and get in a scrim for your shot.
  6. Novutwo

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    Bumping this up due to the spammer flooding :) Will be running scrims all day.
  7. WhiteLightning

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    I added you sometime last week and you never responded to me/we never actually played any games.

    Added you again in hopes this time is different.
  8. Gl4ucus

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    Fuck this shit,btw Europe is poor how Asia is but it has several clans but almost nobody can beat yellows.
  9. Novutwo

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    Europe scared of a little challenge from NA? ^^
  10. l3eReal

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    Hey NA player living in the midwest can play any role at hs. And im one of the most passive people I know when it comes to conflict so not really a drama queen. My job gives me alot of ability to choose when I work and when I have off btw. steam id is
  11. Novutwo

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    Added you.

    To everyone else, I'm taking a break from DotA tonight and likely tomorrow. Please still add me on Steam if you're interested and capable, just know that you probably won't get a scrim in until Monday. Remember, perfection takes patience.
  12. ebbandflow

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    Idk whats doing with my steam but its not letting me add people to my flist. ill get in touch with you on skype to try and set something up if your still picking up teammates
  13. oflanagan

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    I added you on steam. My name on steam is srsbrones