Warcraft III Delay Reducer

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by extrimity0069, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. extrimity0069

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    i guess that many of you here not know the Delay Reducer for LAN.. if you notice if you're not the host on DOTA LAN games you have delay atleast. .75 seconds or .5 seconds.. i just want to share you this


    you can download the Delay Reducer there. then play some very very Smooth DOTA LAN GAMES. =):santa:
  2. laikzasve

    laikzasve Well-Known Member

    Have it,and it still delays sometimes.
  3. GoodoldGrim

    GoodoldGrim Well-Known Member

    I don't know what wooden PCs you use, but last I was in a Dota LAN-party nobody had any delay problems and we didn't use any extra tools.
  4. leDoter

    leDoter Well-Known Member

    1. The tool is very old.
    2. This is the wrong section.
    3. The information you're spreading is absolutely false.
  5. Tkmi

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  6. Davjo

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    dr vck lc bl bots....
    they r for bnet too
  7. HaiElements-

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    It is fucking lan. And you have .75 delay or what?
  8. vladhood

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    Mahogany, thank you very much.
  9. Dota2Panda

    Dota2Panda Well-Known Member

    Why use this for LAN?
  10. ryuuM21

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    FAQ says it has a Worm then scanner says it's got a Trojan.
  11. Kishant

    Kishant Active Member

    Try using gHost++ or gHostOne. Great for both host and other players.
  12. slasherboy89

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    There is no delay in LAN unless you're all playing in a 100-story building and you're playing one the 100th floor and the cable goes all the way down to the modem/router/switch on the 1st floor.

    Else, your modem/router/switch sucks, that's all. You don't need no stinking program to reduce something which quite frankly doesn't exists.
  13. Subway

    Subway Well-Known Member

    Last time I had a LAN-party in 02-04, there was no delay. How is delay even possible lulz
  14. samekind

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    This + if you have delay in lan games buy proper network card and dont use built in one + probably scam.
  15. 187yasir

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    we need that
  16. -Tanker-

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    Is a troll thread?
  17. gluton00

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    it has a virus sir .
  18. Larsen

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    Have a happy closing thread :)
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    is that you, Rotund'jere?
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