Want to know if your PC is a Male or a Female?

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by DotaGirl, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. DotaGirl

    DotaGirl Well-Known Member

    just sharing.

    1.Open Notepad
    2.Copy and Paste this.

    CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Dota Girl is beautiful, I love her"

    3.Save it as xyz.vbs
    4.Run it/Open it

    if you hear a Male voice it's a Male
    and If Female voice then it's a Female.

    mine is Male :rofl:

    try it and share yours..
  2. Ghuy

    Ghuy Well-Known Member

    mine is a female >_>

    no wonder i luv mah laptop so much :3
  3. Teare

    Teare Well-Known Member

    o_o Nothing happened.

    What's the point anyway, so what if yours turn out to be female, you wouldn't fuck it anyway o_o
  4. Bardenne

    Bardenne Well-Known Member

  5. Teare

    Teare Well-Known Member

    Replay or it didn't happen.
  6. WhtDevil

    WhtDevil Well-Known Member

    mine is a girl.
  7. JustDarKy

    JustDarKy Well-Known Member


    I don`t care who`s mine...
  8. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    male, oh2
  9. Vot1_Bear

    Vot1_Bear Well-Known Member

    Male, shit
  10. Sonic_Stream

    Sonic_Stream Well-Known Member

    Male, my computer is a gay.
  11. Bardenne

    Bardenne Well-Known Member



    Also, my Pc is a girl, great news !
  12. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    Female o_O

    I is amazed
  13. trollmon

    trollmon Well-Known Member

    Male, damn, i want female.
  14. cp14

    cp14 Well-Known Member

    YESYESYES mine is MALE
  15. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    Mines a male. But w/e Just go to Control Panel > Speech and in there (if male) change the voice selection from Microsoft Sam / John to Microsoft Mary and viola your computer is now a female.

    btw this as for XP sp2 I think. Other versions may have diff people's voices.
  16. LostFlip

    LostFlip Well-Known Member

    Oh shit, I've been fapping infront of a girl now.?
  17. IAmInYourPants

    IAmInYourPants Well-Known Member

    Im afraid to find out 0_0
  18. Sonic_Stream

    Sonic_Stream Well-Known Member

    LOL hard
  19. The Berserker

    The Berserker Well-Known Member

    My PC is a girl.

    Oh noes I've been doing naughty things in front of her asdasdasd
  20. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member

    Mine is male, and I dont feel like grabbing the mouse anymore..