Vladimir still worth it on AM?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Lmaotan, Jul 28, 2016.

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    you are either unobservant, very stupid, or trolling
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    better to get aether lens to counter rupture.
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    Dedicated my sig to your love for Stefan Molyneux. :cool1:
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    that are some mad editing skills. have u watched molyneux tutorials?!

    the teeth made me lol thou, i have to admit. but u forgot one tooth ....
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    no i was inspired by your anti rat racing speech. look at those earrings.
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    damn son. btw i think u have a mild case of trypophilia. maybe u should seek stefans advice before all is lost :cool:
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    enrico is legit retarded, i played a game against him yesterday and he picked cm, bought amulet, and afk'ed in lane while spamming his ult on creeps to tilt his teammates
  9. ManOnTheCan

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    Yeah, I played with enrico too a while back. He went first item radiance on undying and went like 0-10-2 and then rage quit.
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  11. Houselife

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    Vlad is only necessary for him if he is facing ultra carries such like Morph, PA, TW, Spectre in the late game, but in the very late game Vlad is useless, people replace Vlad for Terraske and something like this places AM as the weakest 3 star carry.

    Despite AM can defeat Medusa without trouble in mid and late game, Medusa is a 3 star carry with a greater impact during team fights in the late game.
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