Vladimir still worth it on AM?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Lmaotan, Jul 28, 2016.

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    That Vlads made the rosh play indirectly but definitely helped them get the aegis. It also allowed AM to catch up and push way faster than DC grouped up at 5 (see the top and bottom push scene by Wings and DC respectively). That vlads also allowed him to accelerate his farm fast enough to bring his team back from behind. Just because you don't understand it's worth and you think you're better than pro players doesn't mean its bad. Go back to your 3k pubs and be like a delusional godlykha.
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    ... Rosh one-hits illusions.

    Anyway, with the introduction of vanguard->abyssal blade build path, I almost never build Vlads anymore. Vanguard gives all the hp regen, and if you don't just spam blink, your mana should be fine, as well. It's good either for afk farming for 40 mins (bad) or manfighting certain heroes.
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    you're wrong. illusions only die instantly if they attack roshan - roshan doesn't one-hit them.

    the "trick" is to move them to roshan without attacking one by one so that they tank the hits but don't trigger the stomp for melee heroes. it's a common trick for almost any hero trying to take roshan with an illusion rune.

    demonstrably false as seen from the last game of the grand finals - it was picked up at 19 minutes primarily for farming and catching up
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    Except that was fixed years ago with Roshan aoe slam. Illusions still die in two-three hits even with this "trick."

    Oh, I am sorry, I did not know PD members play only in TI grand finals with teams creating space for them. Thanks for explaining to a pub solo queue player how it's done.
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    Thanks for reminding me why I last stopped posting - theorycrafting with people half my MMR is just a fucking waste of time

    Everything you said about roshan is demonstrably wrong, way to parade your ignorance.
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    You are welcome to stop posting again.

    If everything I said is wrong, then you surely would have no trouble recording a video and uploading it on youtube or provide any other demonstrable argument to back up your points. So far you have only thrown insults and actually haven't shown any proof.
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    Pray do tell what is the "fix"? You made an obvious mistake claiming rosh onehits illusions, then now you bring up slam when he has absolutely no reason to cast it. And they die in 2-3 hits? Please... Go test it yourself rofl
  8. enrico.swagolo

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    So you aren't going to post any proof for your statement?
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    This two screenshots have everything needed to disprove all that you have said about roshan

    item build is in the context of the earlier discussion - someone brought up that vanguard could be used with manta illusions to tank roshan.

    Obviously wrong

    I'm not sure how slam is even relevant - like I MYSELF mentioned earlier, if you send in illusions one at a time he doesn't trigger slam.

    Roshan does 66 damage a hit to the illusion when Vanguard procs. He does 166 a hit when it doesn't.

    I'm not sure what world you live in but i'm pretty sure AM doesn't have 250-350 hp.

    Hell, even adjusted for his damage at 25 minutes, your manta illusions are probably going to expire before he kills them both.

    obviously you are completely wrong and oblivious to that fact yet still demand proof when anyone who has been playing dota for a decent amount of time should know basics like this.
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  11. enrico.swagolo

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    Thanks. I learned something new today. :)
  12. Zenotha

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    that was literally my first reply to you and you told me i was wrong lmao

    maybe you should actually find out about something before speaking so confidently about it and demanding proof only to look like an idiot when you are shown to be wrong
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    You should work on your communication skills because you were clearly unable to explain a simple concept in several posts, while someone else explained it in one sentence.
  14. Zenotha

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    because i was addressing several concepts while he was only addressing the slam part?

    do you have a learning disability?

    can any other forum poster here tell me what they don't understand about this:

    im pretty sure anyone with half a brain who plays dota and understand english can comprehend this post
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    Enrico is a known troll. You are wasting energy
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    You just don't get it. Forget it.

    Going back to topic, Vanguard is much more valuable on AM than Vlads in pubs games. Like I said before, you don't have your stack creating space and stacking camps for you, and your goal is to survive the enemy team trying to murder you and make sure you can farm up enough to solo carry. In fact, that's why abyssal blade is such an important item on solo queue AM: you need it to jump on a high priority target/fed enemy carry and murder them before they murder your team or just kill enemy heroes several times to the point where they are scared to fight you alone. In pubs, you have to create space for yourself and for your team and kill the enemy team. That's why AB on pub AM is just as important as Octarine Core on pub Necro, for instance.
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    non dota 1 players smh
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    how AM being able to solo rosh with Manta+BF+Vg proofs that vladies is bad on him btw? for that money you can have HotD + Talisman+ ... on any melee carry and do it without any tricks. and why Vladies is even treated as SOLO rosh item? (it gives damn auras for a reason!)
  19. SBVenom

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    because am can't use any other lifesteal item. vlads vs vanguard is the only thing worth talking about. comes down to preference. vanguard lets him get the abyssal up a lot faster while serving the same purpose of keeping his hp high.
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    that you think dota 1 experience mystically makes you a better player than people with higher mmr who win higher skill games more often shows a lot about u

    reminds me of this guy with 7000 matches and 2.0k mmr