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    3 seconds, not 0.4
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    Thanks, this is really a great work.

    And my question:

    When Auroth cast Arctic Siege on day (morphing from ground vision 1800 to flying vision 0), Auroth gain flying vision instantly, but fade soon.

    Q1: if a unit morph from ground vision 1800 to flying vision 1800, the unit gain 1800 flying vision instantly (0.4 fog update time included), right?

    Q2: what is the total fading time, and why? (what I guess: from sight lv14 to lv0, for each 2 levels 0.4s interval, it's 2.8s; for night from sight lv6 to lv0, it's 1.2s )
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    fading time is unknown, probably constant, depending on ingame routine cycles, 0.4 is rough estimation
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    Given that the broken InvisSpeed parameter defaults to 0.4 s, it seems a good bet that this "rough estimation" may be exact.
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    we did search for any kind of constant countless times, it must be 8-bytes precision or non-existant at all