Visage Item Build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Volaju, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Volaju

    Volaju Well-Known Member

    So since her remake I have no idea what is ideal on visage.

    I know you need some HP to take advantage of your cloaks EHP. I know you need some damage or your soul assumption doesn't charge up quickly. I know you need some mana and health regen since you can definitely go OOM if you play aggresively, and you often need to heal up for the same reason.

    Anyway so far I've been getting items like this:


    Obviously not all of them, but these are the items I've tried. I find deso pretty effective because it increases your revs damage as well as your own, and is a solid DPS choice in general. This is the same reason I like cuirass and I usually aim for both together if I got 1, and cuirass makes you even tankier.

    Skadi isn't bad as it makes you tanky and hard to escape, and a slow lets your revs do damage. Pipe also makes you tanky, and guinsoo is another int item that pretty much works on any int hero if needed.

    As for radiance, if you can farm it this might be the best choice since you are tanky automatically, sparkles charges up your soul assumption more quickly for every target hit by it, and it lets you farm more.

    Anyway is there a core build I'm missing or is it just use what works that game, because I haven't really seen him played much at all. (pubs never pick him, and hes perm banned in replays..)
  2. Moja

    Moja Well-Known Member

    I like to just tank up as much as possible with him. Skadi+linkens is ideal, but just about any tank items you can farm up work great.
  3. joebh

    joebh Banned

    lets see u can literally choose any items u want on this hero since he can rack up kills so easily.

    but i go either pure tank build or pure dmg build with:

    assault cuirass
    6th slot = w.e u want

    i get these cuz it synergies with ur ult physical dmg mostly.
  4. Sinisterz

    Sinisterz Well-Known Member

    Shiva / Radiance

    for super fast Charged up SA
  5. iinvoke

    iinvoke Banned

    try rushing dagon on him, it's pretty amusing
  6. lee-cx

    lee-cx Well-Known Member

    Tank and mana items.

    Tank items to keep yourself alive, even though you really shouldn't be targetted nor in the middle of battles, but sometimes you might move in unknowingly while microing.

    Mana items for LOL4SECNUKE spamming and grave chill.
  7. fevgatos

    fevgatos Well-Known Member

    Urn + Meka + Necronomicon + Vlads works for me. ANd phase boots
  8. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Urn + Meka + Str Treads + Blademail
  9. Crossing

    Crossing Well-Known Member

    in team fights you shouldn't have any problem with SA charges. What i find is best for her is treads + meka and then farm for a guinsoo. Cheap items that makes visage extremely hard to kill and supports his team well.

    dagon for 1 man gank squad.
  10. feral_nature

    feral_nature Well-Known Member

    the thing with visage is that his summons cannot teleport... so i play him like consta movin - no TPs. i ward and get wand bottle treads and meka - in general i find it best to support my team. and coz hes a good ganker and farmer you can get radiance really fast after that - it makes you really annoying for the opposing team.(i stop warding after relic)
    btw mjollnir also works fine as a substitute for radi if someone of your team is going to make the sparkles...

    finish with bloodstone if game is still not over - visage is not a late game hero... bloodstone gives you good regens and bonus EHP and since you`ll be wearing radi(on top of perma nuking/slowing enemy team) you`ll probably be targeted in team fights so if you die its another heal for your team on top of meka.

    the other way to build him if your team got a better meka and radi users is to go hood/pipe>shiva>bloodstone.(mega survivability but i dont think this is the best way to go - you need some dps to be selected coz otherwise you`ll just be spamming your nuke and slow... so its not like a huge deal compared to fast radi/mjollnir)

    here is a rep... and its not like i`m some pro visage player but i think it illustrates well what i mean although the game finished fast and the teams were kind of... a bit unbalanced.
  11. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Honestly anything.

    Against skilled opponents just tank it up, against most pubs just solo boots and laugh.
  12. BossOfTheSoss

    BossOfTheSoss Well-Known Member

    urn, phase then guinsoos.

    hex means u land both familiars very easily, and lets you disable at least one hero for 6s. taking out the other teams carry for 6s late game is huge, so even though you arent getting double / triple kills late, like you should be mid game, you are still contributing!