Viability of bootless NW

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by CSDT, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. CSDT

    CSDT Banned

    In TI3 Loda used bootless NW. However, I don't think bootless NW is viable.

    Let's see what makes a bootless NW:
    1. Moving by spamming Shukuchi enables him to move at least equally fast than heroes with boots.
    2. NW's being able to return to battlefield via ulti makes him good even without BoT.

    However, there are problem lying with these. 1. Spamming Shukuchi needs mana, and even a lv25 NW with 10 points in attributes bonus does not have enough mana. For sustaining Mana, Loda kept Linken's in his slots, which is a useless item in late game. Boots for Linken's, what a fucking nice tradeoff. 2. By using ulti to return after buyback, unlike Spectre, NW loses his ulti. This ulti is sometimes a second life of NW. Loses a life for a life, what a fucking nice tradeoff.

    Therefore, I don't think bootless NW is a viable strategy.
  2. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    If you are referring to the game vs Tongfu, he had Treads for most of the game. Then he went 6 slots by forgoing the Boots.
  3. lucas312

    lucas312 Well-Known Member

    If you are six slotted, sure, by all means, go bootless.

    For the majority of games its not worth tho. Boots offer you valueble assets (stats/mana/regen/damage/tp ) and are pretty cost effective.
  4. xpforever

    xpforever Well-Known Member

    I personally don't like it except for ultra-lategame when I'm otherwise out of slots. Treads and phase are both ridiculously cost efficient items.
  5. CSDT

    CSDT Banned

    I am referring to the 6-slot case. I think NW should not go bootless even 6-slotted.
  6. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    If your boots+5 high tier items cannot win you the game then why not go no boots and 6 high tier items?
  7. permafrosty

    permafrosty Well-Known Member

    Something like this.

    I'd feel unsecure without a form of teleportation though.:mellow: I suppose it depends on the enemy hero lineup.
  8. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    No one fucking calls him "NW", especially not in dota 2. Just call him Weaver please.
  9. Equivocal

    Equivocal Well-Known Member

    How about Anubseran/Skitskurr?