Venomancer item build.

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Thumbsupson, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Thumbsupson

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    Sup guys
    Im into Venomancer lately, rolling ward pushing strat with basilius. Im really a nice farmer by default but with venomancer i simply don't know what to do with the money. Because I have a lot and because i don't know what to buy :)
    What are good items for Venomancer? I just go for basilius and then Aghanim's, i bought Guinsoo after it too.
    How to build a carry Venomancer?
    I want carry venomancer build for damage, because i end up with a ton of gold and don't know how to spend it.
    Also not sure if orbs stacks with Poison Sting.
  2. Let the farm to your carry... Veno is support...
  3. Thumbsupson

    Thumbsupson Well-Known Member

    Im perfectly familiar with that thing.
    But in reality when i have 3-4 feeders in team and i end up with a ton of gold im forced to play as a carry venom.
    That's the reason.
  4. tikshow

    tikshow Well-Known Member

    Treads, Manta, Aghanim maybe Shadow Blade
  5. jyzzy

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    If by carry you mean dpser then PT(BoT), Lothar's, EB, Linken's, Satanic, Buriza.

    But more realistically you'll never want to physically carry with Veno, if you have spare money then take something along of PT(BoT), Agha, Blink, Shiva's, HoT, Pipe.