US Elections 2016

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  1. Petique

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    Yeah, both of them are tied on an unaproval rating of 56% which is like one of the highest ever in US history.
  2. RisaStoleMyHart

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    Libs and alt right both hate Clinton. Nothing new.
  3. Eli_Green

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    How are the non-"big two" parties doing? I would ianagine this whole farce is pretty good for them at least. Although i don't know enough to know what that would mean or what the affect going forward would be.
  4. Unreal99

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    Better than usual but still no chance to do anything of significance. Most Americans would still rather support their party even if it means voting for a candidate they don't like. On all the political forums I post at, very few actually like Trump, the majority are holding their nose while voting for him because they simply hate Hillary that much. On the flip side you have people rallying behind Hillary for the same reasons.

    Yet, they all claim voting third party is a waste, even when both R and D candidates are bad because third party doesn't have a chance of winning. Ignoring the fact that 42% of Americans are independent, with no obligation to either party. Also ignoring the fact that significant portions of each party do not like their nominated candidate. So now more than ever the numbers are absolutely there for a third party to win, we just don't have the balls to make it happen.
  5. enrico.swagolo

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    Why would balls even be a symbol of courage when they are so fragile?
  6. MWaser

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    that which is indestructible does not need courage, for courage is overcoming fear and they would have nothing to be afraid of in the first place

    therefore it is fragility combined with exposure to danger that truly displays courage
  7. enrico.swagolo

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    Fair enough, young padawan.
  8. mrfokker

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    I thought courage was about removing ports on phones
  9. r0xo

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    I would think that this is a great time for someone in the US to organize one of those mass awareness movements complete with a hashtag and stuff so that people can at least talk about voting for another party. Because I think many people aren't going to vote for one because of the "they won't win anyway" feeling, and if you see tons of people talking about doing it the opinion might change.

    This US election is a great example of why a system with only two parties is not ideal. The majority don't want either of those to be president but they are making a choice based on not wanting the other to win.
  10. enrico.swagolo

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    That's pretty much the consensus for ages 18-30. The rest are voting based on parties, and many young gays and women are actually swinging to HRC.

    We are doomed. DOOMED.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that this year's election is "who gets the least disapproval rating wins".

    Let's face it. Most people dislike the two, but frankly we can't even imagine somebody other than Trump or Clinton wins the election at this moment. Unless both Trump "incidentally" commits suicide and Hillary gets indicted/hospitalized at the same time, the POTUS position is likely belonged to either of the two.
  12. Blarrg

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    That is every election, actually.