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    I've noticed that a few gov't news agencies seem to be using it as a way to make themselves look better or at least bury what's happening locally, which is both sad and annoying
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    Oh wow, I was looking back into this thread to find something that I may have posted unrelated, and I stumbled across your comment here, only to remember that my first comment on this thread was

    So yeah according to the record I actually predicted a Hillary win from the start.

    I do like that you Quote mined me, and ignored the first comment I made on this thread :D
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    It's predicted that Trump will crush her in the debates so I wouldn't be shocked if the gap only widens
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    ^You advertise this a lot. I am starting to think that you own this betting site. Be careful because if you don't mention that you are the owner then you are going to the court like those CS:GO punks. :cat:
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    Oh, don't be silly! They're not long-time friends or anything. Sure, Donald Trump gave the Clinton Foundation $100k, but who hasn't?

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    Trump won the nomination despite performing terribly at debates. The most shocking thing was how often he made incredibly stupid gaffs, yet still gained in the polls anyway. The worse he performed, the more popular he became.

    That worked with Republicans who traditionally (of late anyway) don't like intellectuals, will this translate to the rest of the country? Most likely not.

    Starting to think all of you foreigners have an ulterior motive with this love affair for Trump.
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    I honestly think we're not giving him the credit he deserves. That man is a master manipulator and he knows his crowd and he knows how to play to his base.
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    though it may seem like trump is close in the polls, he actually has a very slim chance due to the electoral college system. this system is absolutely imperative to amend the shortcomings of democracy.

    btw, i'm not going to partake in the debates here. the sheer amount of ignorance in this thread affirms my conviction that democracy should be limited in scope.
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    Unfortunately for him his base doesn't comprise the majority of this country. His immature antics won't carry over well to the general. If he doesn't put forth a more articulate and dignified persona he will fail miserably.
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    You should watch his recent speeches sometime. He's shown that the immature loudmouth he was earlier was an act. He can be amazingly dignified when he wants to be, and he has the balls to walk deep into places where people think he'd be killed.

    Here's a few speeches of his from when he spoke to the president of Mexico and made a speech at a church in a Detroit ghetto.
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    Except once he returned back to the US he lied about what was said/discussed and continued his fake bravado.

    At the church his team scripted everything for him. We'll see how he does when answering off the cuff. Maybe he'll change, no one knows one way or the other, all I'm saying is that if the debates go how they did in the past, then he'll be shooting himself in the foot and/or continuing to expose his ignorance.

    Oh please :facepalm:

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    We all know that both Trump and Clinton suck, but seriously, who would vote for Clinton?
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    Those who are afraid of what Trump would do. People will mostly vote to prevent the other candidate from winning. Sad times.

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    Most people who are anti-Trump that I've seen on Internet are like Trump getting elected = WW3 begin. No, seriously, that is at least the vibe I got from those people.
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    He has already proven that he will say and do anything to achieve his goals. Also, given the way he behaves, would you want to collaborate with him as a foreign government? A person who's word means nothing and who has proclaimed that he wants to "beat" other nations in trade negotiations?

    The only good thing is that he probably would fare the same as Obama in his last years with a complete blockade in the House of Representatives. Clinton is at least part of the system so she could actually get majorities.
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    I also see that and honestly I just get the idea that those comments come from uninformed people. He can't start a war on his own. He doesn't have ultimate power.

    He might very well alienate the country and piss others off but its not like his word alone is the go word on war. And he knows how bad a war against a big power will be for both him and the things he holds dear. Come on he won't bomb China because he doesn't want them to have a strong economy. And even if he pisses other countries off immensely, who in their right minds want to take on the US in war?
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    A Y Y L M A O