Ursa Warrior

Discussion in 'Agility - Sentinel' started by Comments Keeper, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. [FeniX]

    [FeniX] New Member

    lvl 6+vladimir=easy roshan
  2. paemei

    paemei Active Member

    best of the best
  3. DarkBalanar

    DarkBalanar Active Member

    hate playing against him :O
  4. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    this hero is gay.. need to farm at least 1.6k to counter him..(not complete counter)
  5. New Comment

    So Ursa goes to a bar and asks the bartender "Where's the counter?"
  6. moon_strike

    moon_strike Well-Known Member

    Easy counter
    pick doom , take skill 1 devour
    take purge skill from neutral creep
    if you meet him with his buff overpower and enrage , just use purge on him and he will panic
  7. Kaiman

    Kaiman Well-Known Member

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    Yeah but Doom is an easy counter pick to about 87 of the heroes in Dota.
  8. tekkenming

    tekkenming Member

    same thought, hate playing against this hero
  9. FeeDee

    FeeDee Well-Known Member

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    we are electric
  10. dr.mr1

    dr.mr1 Banned

    You can purge him buff's but he will still have his gay orb open wounds .
  11. zabuza_dTb

    zabuza_dTb New Member

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    i hate this shit face
  12. mrkcomt97

    mrkcomt97 Well-Known Member

    Amizing counter to roshan :D
  13. beducateme

    beducateme Active Member

    Able to rosh at lvl 1 w/ SK = imba
  14. oturgutg

    oturgutg Member

    everbody memorized his playing style and he cant even hit anymore easily :)
  15. niagra

    niagra Member

    The extra damage per health makes him a great tankish carry.
  16. Linux_Xp

    Linux_Xp Well-Known Member

    Fucking imba!
  17. iGhOsT.East

    iGhOsT.East Well-Known Member

    Fucking Ghost/Dagger/Lothars/Forcestaff/BKB/Eth/Teamwork imba! They counter! Fix plz!
  18. ka3n

    ka3n New Member

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    You might be able to counter him, but in pubs some asshole on your team will always make him a god... gg when you see him on enemy team
  19. Linux_Xp

    Linux_Xp Well-Known Member

    If ursa have 1000000 atack he not going to be imba cos he can be hexed and kill by Ghost/Dagger/Lothars/Forcestaff/BKB/Eth/Teamwork. Nice! Now i know it. :facepalm:
  20. UtC.5tryker

    UtC.5tryker Well-Known Member

    HIS POWER LVL IS OVER 9000!!!!!